By Steve Williams
Bruce Buckwalter Jr. picked up his second win of the season as the ARDC Wingless Midgets wrapped up their southern tour at County Line Raceway in Elm City, NC on Saturday evening.

After traveling through heavy showers across northern North Carolina on Saturday, to an area that had tornado warnings the evening before the big question was would there be any racing. What looked like a rainy night in a motel turned into a hot steamy night of racing action.

Bruce Buckwalter Jr. jumped to an early lead from his outside pole position and was followed by Alex Bright. Racing was halted on the first lap by a wild series of flips and pirouettes in the first turn by Brenden Bright. Bright hooked a rut in heavy traffic and sent him flying. Bright was checked out at the scene but was going to pursue additional treatment.

On the restart Buckwalter held the point until a rapid moving Alex Bright got by him for the lead, leaving Buckwalter to duke it out with sixth starting Nick Wean. Buckwalter was able to regain the lead as Bright bobbled coming out of the fourth turn.

While battling Bright for the lead Buckwalter thrilled the near capacity crowd with a huge wheelstand coming off the fourth turn. “I thought I was going over” said Buckwalter. “It came down real hard and bounced again.” The bounce set him sideways but by the start finish line Buckwalter was able to regain control and was able to hold the lead. Bright, who had a birds eye view lifted and allowed Buckwalter the room he needed to continue.

Buckwalter was able to hold on to the lead through a couple more yellow flags but soon started to get pressure from Ryan Smith who had been able to get by Wean and Bright. Smith was able to get to Buckwalter’s nerf bar but soon slowed with a flat tire handing second back to Wean.

Wean was not by himself for long as Brett Arndt and a high flying Drew Heistand joined the fray. Heistand worked his way by both into second but a banzai move by Wean coming off the fourth turn gave him second by a few inches. Finishing in fourth was Arndt while a fast closing Dusty Heistand came home fifth.

Sixth through tenth went to Steve Drevicki, Parker Evans, Steve Bull, Keith McIntyre Jr. and Scott Zipp

Heats for the 20 Midgets went to Nick Wean, Brenden Bright and Drew Heistand.

COUNTY LINE RACEWAY AUGUST 6, 2011 ARDC Midgets (25 Laps) 20 Entries

1)83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., 2) 78 Nick Wean, 3) 12 Drew Heistand, 4) 46 Brett Arndt, 5) 6 Dusty Heistand, 6) 19 Steve Drevicki, 7) 61 Parker Evans, 8) 01 Steve Bull, 9) 8 Keith McIntyre Jr., 10) 75 Scott Zipp, 11) 33 Ryan Smith, 12) 52 Tim Buckwalter, 13) 77 Alex Bright, 14) 49 Trevor Kobylarz, 15) 20 Bryan Kobylarz, 16) 3 Joe Butera, 17) 55 Steve Craig, 18) 2 Shawn Jackson, 19) 88 Brenden Bright, DNS 51 PJ Gargiulo Heats Nick Wean, Brenden Bright, Drew Heistand


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Steve Buckwalter

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Steve Buckwalter

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Bruce Buckwalter Jr

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Alex Bright

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Steve Drevicki

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Ryan Smith

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Steve Buckwalter

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Ryan Smith

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Drew Heistand

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Ryan Smith

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Steve Drevicki

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Nick Wean

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Southern Swing – Dixieland Speedway

Brenden Bright

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Bruce Buckwalter Jr

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Winchester Speedway

Tuesday, August 16

New Egypt Speedway

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Port Royal Speedway

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