7th Annual “Arrow Express – CANADIAN SPRINT CAR NATIONALS” Pre-Entry Discount Available Until August 15

From Ken & Cheryl Pelkie


With the drop of the green flag little more than six weeks away, planning now shifts into high gear for the 7th Annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals. The final piece of the 2011 rules package has now been put into place. The tire rule listed below will apply for September 15, 16, and 17.

Rule 18 of the CSCN Technical rules package states the following:

Open tire rule except right rear tire. Right rear tires are limited to only the approved right rear spec tire by each affiliate series. Official list of approved right rear tires will be released August 1st by Ohsweken Speedway

All five affiliate sanctioning bodies have been contacted and no changes in spec tires from those used in 2010 exists for 2011. The official list of legal Right Rear Tires being utilized as of July 31st therefore are as follows:

ASCS – Sprints On Dirt (SOD) – Hoosier 105/16.0-15 Medium

or 105/18.0-15 Hard

Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) – American Racer MC2

or MC3

Empire Super Sprints (ESS) – Hoosier RD-15 (stamped HTC)

or Hoosier D25

Patriot Sprint Tour (PST) – Hoosier 105/18.0-15
(stamped HTC)

or Hoosier 105/18.0-15 D25
or Hoosier 105/16.0

ASCS Med or Hard

NRA Sprint Invaders (NRA) – Hoosier SC-1 (stamped NRA)

The host Corr/Pak Sprint Series based in Ohsweken utilizes the Hoosier HTC R.R. spec tire also.

These tires are the only spec R.R. Tires allowed for the 2011 “Arrow Express – Canadian Sprint Car Nationals”.

Any team may run their choice from the tires listed on the Right Rear. The other 3 corners are open. TEAMS ARE ENCOURAGED TO LOCATE AND BRING NECESSARY TIRES WITH THEM. Be advised that Hoosier Racing Tire Canada through HB Motorsports and BRP will have a supply of the Ohsweken / ESS / Patriot tires on hand for the event.


Teams are reminded that early entries are being accepted until August 15th at a substantial saving. Entry forms, rules, and race procedures are available by contacting Cheryl Pelkie at the phone number or email address listed below or on the Ohsweken Speedway website. Entries post marked by August 15 will cost $40 and include a Pit Pass all three days for one team member. That represents a potential saving of $135 over the three days of the event.

Questions may be directed to Ken Pelkie – (1-888) 720-7223 or e-mail: pelkiekj@ebtech.net.

For further information on the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, log on to the official website of Ohsweken Speedway at www.ohswekenspeedway.com and click on the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Icon on the front page.

The Canadian Sprint Car Nationals is an open competition event. ALL sprint car teams which abide by the administrative, technical, and procedural rules as set forth by Ohsweken Speedway are welcome. Ohsweken Speedway reserves the right to reject any pre-entry / entry for any reason. Entry fee applies to car and is not transferable to other teams. Driver changes are allowed as per event rules. All decisions by Nationals Management Officials are final.

Tickets for the 7th Annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals are on sale Mondays through Thursdays by phone at 1-888-720-7223 on a first come – first served basis from 9:00 Am until 6:00 PM until September 11. Plenty of great seats remain for this year end event featuring the best 360 Sprint racing in the North-east region with three nights of ground pounding action. The past years have produced fields in excess of 70 cars from as far away as British Columbia, and California doing battle on the fast 3/8 mile clay oval.

If you have difficulty getting through on the line, please email Cheryl at pelkiekj@ebtech.net leaving your name, phone number(s) and a time when you can be reached and you will be called back as soon as possible.