Shuttlesworth Wins OTS Feature at Humberstone

The Ontario Topless Sprints roared to life in Southern Ontario for the first time in twenty-one years and Robbie Shuttleworth would lead them to the green over Don Adamczyk and Doug Banks. The race was only seconds old when Mark Casella would contact the homestretch wall and spiral wildly over the banking in turn one to bring out the red. He was uninjured

Shuttleworth would assume command on the restart but on lap two, a four car accident found Rick Wilson flip in turn three which again necessitated the red. Wilson was ok after the tumble.

Once racing resumed, Shuttleworth put some distance on second place Adamczyk while April Wilson and John Watson had a great tussle for third. Over the remaining distance, Shuttleworth of Geneva, New York was in command and took the win over Adamczyk, April Wilson, Watson and Dick Mahoney.

“I’ve got to thank the track for having us, this is a great track to run on,” Shuttleworth said. “I’ve spent a few summers running USAC and without a wing, these sprints run more like a modified. When you have the front and top wing, the cars are glued to the track.” Shuttleworth also captured the four lap dash for cash that was punctuated by a violent flip by Brad Knab who was able to walk away from his heavily damaged machine.

Ontario Topless Sprints (15 laps)- ROBBIE SHUTTLEWORTH, Don Adamczyk, April Wilson, John Watson, Dick Mahoney, Doug Banks, Rick Wilson, Mike Stelter, Mark Cassella. DNS- Tim Zack, Brad Knab. Heat Winners- Adamczyk, Knab.