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Haubstadt, IN – (September 29, 2011) — The Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series season will come to a close after two more races. In total nine have already been held with only one event cancelled because of rain.

This Saturday, October 1st, the MSCS Sprint Cars and those of the United States Auto Club will compete together for top honors in the City of Lawrenceburg Nationals. A $10,000 prize at Lawrenceburg Speedway tops the biggest overall purse that MSCS has had a chance to compete for this season. The feature will pay $400 to start.

A week later the MSCS drivers will finish the season at Tri-State Speedway at Haubstadt, IN. The October 8th race will be the MSCS Harvest Cup and offer drivers a final opportunity to gain positions in the MSCS Points Chase and race for a purse paying $4,000 to win. The Harvest Cup will also provide a fan based atmosphere in which the new 2011 MSCS Champion and Rookie of the Year can be crowned.

Brady Short of Bedford, IN, leads the points standings heading into the final two weekends. Chris Malone of Speedway, IN, has climbed up through the standings and is now second. Rookie of the Year points leader Braylon Fitzpatrick of West Terre Haute, IN, is now third in the overall standings. Dakota Jackson and Chase Briscoe are fourth and fifth in the standings.

The second five in the standings in order includes Chase Stockon, Kyle Cummins, Casey Riggs, Robert Ballou, and Brandon Mattox. Stockon was second in the standings last season and is close to a top five spot again. Cummins is a three time former champion and is working to improve on an 8th place finish last season. Casey Riggs is having a great year in MSCS competition. Ballou has finished in the second five twice in the past three seasons with a sixth in 2009 points his high mark. Brandon Mattox has been inching up the standings and is currently tenth. He was fourth last year when the season ended and seventh the year before that.

Seven different drivers have won MSCS features this season. The list of winners includes Casey Riggs and Brady Short with 2 wins each. Other drivers with one win each are Levi Jones, Hunter Schuerenberg, Casey Shuman, Jon Stanbrough, and Chase Stockon. Twenty-one drivers have finished fourth or higher in feature races so far this year. Third place or higher finishes reduce the number to fifteen. Three drivers hold the distinction of having a runner-up finish as their highest of the season. They are Robert Ballou, Blake Fitzpatrick,
and Bryan Clauson. A one up performance could put one of these three speedsters in victory lane. The $10,000 to win at Lawrenceburg Speedway this weekend is just added motivation!

With the USAC format in place for the City of Lawrenceburg
Nationals, drivers will need to post a quick qualifying lap and
follow that up with a top four finish in the heat race to earn an early transfer to the feature. Passing points will not be used.

A review of the MSCS season shows that MSCS has held 30 heat races this year with no driver having more than 9 opportunities to win a heat. Drivers winning heats most often have been Brady Short (4 wins), Jon Stanbrough (3 wins), and Braylon Fitzpatrick, Chase Stockon, Casey Riggs, Levi Jones, Wes McIntyre, and Hunter Schuerenberg with two wins each. Eleven other drivers have also won heat races. These drivers appear to have the odds in their favor in taking a heat or one of the first 16 transfer spots.

The final six feature transfers for the City of Lawrenceburg
Nationals will come from the B Main! Everything that happens in a race program leads up to the feature and its conclusion but the preliminary events keep it interesting, add to the excitement, and can affect the outcome. With USAC & MSCS both in the house the excitement will be double!

Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series
Released: Sept. 29, 2011

Rank Car# Driver Points

1 36 Brady Short 570
2 7 Critter Malone 453
3 3 Braylon Fitzpatrick 446
4 3X Dakota Jackson 413
5 5 Chase Briscoe 405

6 32 Chase Stockon 383
7 3C Kyle Cummins 346
8 37 Casey Riggs 310
9 81 Robert Ballou 290
10 28 Brandon Mattox 285

11 20 Levi Jones 259
12 9K Kevin Thomas Jr. 258