Courtesy of BCRA

With only 2 races left on the schedule for the 2011 Bay Cities Racing Association Midget Championship, Jim Fowler and Fowler Motorsports holds a 306 point lead over Floyd Alvis, giving him his 4th straight BCRA Owners Championship. Only Johnny Baldwin, 1952-1956, has 4 straight BCRA Championships, but this will be the first for an owner.

This has not been your normal championship run for Jim and his team, some could say. BCRA has had many rule changes over the last 4 years that could have cost Jim any one of his championships. From single car rules, combo rules and back to two car rules, Jim has been on top of the game and never missed a beat. He stayed faithful to his driver as well, starting with Nick Foster Jr. in 2007. Together, they have picked up 4 wins and Nick has won Driver Championships in 2008 and 2010. Nick only has to appear at the next BCRA event in Lakeport, CA October 15, and he will lock up his 3rd Championship.

The blue #1 Beast/Esslinger, Jim’s dirt car, has become the image synonymous with BCRA racing these last few years, just as the green #18 of Floyd Alvis did before. Congratulations to all the Fowler Motorsports team on this great accomplishment.