Clock doesn’t strike midnight for Stewart

Tony Stewart in action during Rumble in the Expo. - Jan Dunlap Photo

Classic Motorsports

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – With 56 minutes to spare, Tony Stewart squeezed yet another victory into a year that already was reaching mythical proportions.
Taking the checkered flag at 11:04 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, the three-time NASCAR champion completed a weekend sweep of the 14th annual Rumble in Fort Wayne indoor midget races, winning Saturday’s 50-lap feature in dominating fashion.
While he celebrated with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, not champagne, Stewart seemed to treasure his latest accomplishment as much as his hard-fought Sprint Cup title.
“This is the first time I’ve ever raced on New Year’s Eve,” the 40-year-old Indiana native said, a smile creasing his face. “It’s been a dream year. I won by first World of Outlaws race and the (NASCAR) championship. Then I won at Conseco (in an all-star kart race in Indianapolis) and won here two times.
“What a great way to finish the year. It’s going to be hard to keep this up, but it’s going to be a lot of fun trying.”
Even Stewart seemed astonished when somebody pointed out that he’s won an amazing eight times in his past 13 races, starting with his 5-for-10 charge to the NASCAR championship. His numbers at the 1/6-mile track at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center are similar. After sweeping the two-day program for the second time in his career, he’s won nine times in 14 career starts. He’s been the fast qualifier in each of his past 10 appearances.
Stewart’s road to victory lane wasn’t smooth, however. A series of caution periods and constant lapped traffic challenged him all the way, even though he was untested after pole-sitter David Gough dropped out on lap 18 with a broken ignition, handing him the lead.
How tough of a night was it for his rivals? Jon Stanbrough finished second in a car that caught fire early in the race. Rex Norris III, Billy Wease and Dave Darland completed the top five, each taking turns coming from the rear of the field.
During a caution, Stanbrough pulled into the infield as smoke billowed from his car’s engine compartment. Fire crews doused the small fire, which originated when a piece of heat insulation touched the header, and Stanbrough rejoined the fray.
“I was just trying to light a fire under my driver,” team owner Rick Daugherty quipped.
Stewart nudged a sliding Gough in turn three on lap nine, temporarily taking the lead, but the yellow then came out for Rich Corson’s spin, restoring Gough to first place. Nine laps later, though, Gough suddenly slowed with a failed ignition.
“I was trying to protect the bottom (of the track) and make it hard for him to get around me,” said Gough, a veteran whose career includes an indoor win at the old RCA Dome in Indianapolis. “I didn’t think he was going to rough me up.”
Stewart confirmed that he was intent on making a clean pass.
“Gough’s a good race car driver,” he said. “Our car was working so good, it was just a matter of catching him at the right time. I already decided I was going to be nicer tonight.”
Ryan Smith won the accompanying winged outlaw modified midget feature, while Doug Jones topped a short field in mini-sprints. Jason Dunn dominated in karts, winning three features for the second night in a row. Addison and Bennett Lushin made it a family affair in quarter midgets, each winning a feature.
Stewart first raced at Fort Wayne in 1999, after he already had won an IndyCar championship and won NASCAR rookie-of-the-year honors. Mike Fedorcak, his indoor teammate and builder of his Volkswagen-powered Munchkin car, figures Fort Wayne hasn’t seen the last of him.
“He’ll still be racing here when he’s as old as I am,” the 57-year-old Fedorcak predicted. “He just loves it.”

MIDGETS (National/Ford Focus/Kenyon)

Qualifications – 1. Tony Stewart, 2x, Stewart, 7.830 seconds; 2. Jon Stanbrough, 0, Daugherty, 8.115; 3. Derek Bischak, 31, Bischak, 8.049; 4. David Gough, 6, 8.081; 5. Cory Setser, 56, Rencurrel, 8.115; 6. Mike Fedorcak, 97, Stewart, 8.135; 7. Joe Liguori, 67, Sexton, 8.148; 8. Billy Wease, 99, Burrow, 8.150; 9. Bryan Nuckles, 59, Nuckles, 8.194; 10. Jacob Wilson, 10, Moore, 8.214; 11. Donnie Adams Jr., 49, Burrow, 8.232; 12. Rich Corson, 15, Corson-Savage, 8.241; 13. Rex Norris III, 63, Norris, 8.244; 14. Mike Wallace, 10, Wallace, 8.247; 15. Kyle Hamilton, 33, Hamilton, 8.251; 16. Tim Jedrzejek, 8up, Williams, 8.262; 17. Taylor Ferns, 55, Ferns, 8.273; 18. Chris Neuenschwander, 3, Bradley, 8.292; 19. Brandon Knupp, 78, Chambers, 8.332; 20. Jim Anderson, 99g, Guess, 8.361; 21. Steve Irwin, 0s, Flying Zero, 8.418; 22. Nick Hamilton, 8, Hamilton, 8.418; 23. Dave Darland, 0, Daughery, 8.510; 24. Cooper Clouse, 14, Clouse, 8.541; 25. Bobby Santos III, 98, Burrow, 8.541; 26. Terry Ahern, 6t6, Ahern, 8.778; 27. Tim Neal, 19d, Dunigan, 8.795; 28. David Fuhrman, 32, Fuhrman, 8.803; 29. Isaac Chapple, 52, Chapple, 8.940; 30. Deano Lennon, 61, Lennon, 9.014; 31. Kevin Shirey, 41, Sexton, 9.017; 32. Mike Osite, 20, Fedorcak, 9.144; 33. Eric Shirey, 22, Sexton, 9.229; 34. Joey Burrow, 92, Burrow, 9.451; 35. Zach Fuhrman, 32x, Fuhrman, 9.585; 36. Matt Westfall, 19, Ryder, 9.801; 37. Gary Bradley, 4, Bradley, NT.
First heat (10 laps) – Fedorcak, Stewart, Jedrzejek, Irwin, K. Shirey, Adams, Ahern.
Second heat (10 laps) – Corson, Liguori, Stanbrough, Ferns, N. Hamilton, Neil, Osite.
Third heat (10 laps) – Norris, Bischak, Wease, Neuenschwander, Darland, D. Fuhrman, E. Shirey.
Fourth heat (10 laps) – Wallace, Gough, Knupp, Nuckles, Clouse, Chapple, Burrow.
Fifth heat (10 laps) – K. Hamilton, Anderson, Santos, Lennon, Z. Fuhrman, Wilson, Setser.
First semi-feature (12 laps) – Jedrzejek, Darland, Nuckles, Osite, Clouse, E. Shirey, Santos.
Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Stanbrough, Irwin, Chapple, D. Fuhrman, Z. Fuhrman, Lennon.
Third semi-feature (12 laps) – Wease, Ferns, Wilson, K. Shirey.
Fourth semi-feature (12 laps) – Knupp, Setser, Neil, Neuenschwander, N. Hamilton, Ahern.
Feature (50 laps) – 1. Tony Stewart, 2. Jon Stanbrough, 3. Rex Norris III, 4. Billy Wease, 5. Dave Darland, 6. Mike Wallace, 7. Rich Corson, 8. Jim Anderson, 9. Derek Bischak, 10. Brandon Knupp, 11. Mike Fedorcak, 12. Kyle Hamilton, 13. David Gough, 14. Joe Liguori. 15. Tim Jedrzejek. Lap leaders: Gough 1-17, Stewart 18-50.


Qualifications – 1. Ben Quinones, 007, Quinones, 8.169; 2. Ryan Smith, 22, VanDoren, 8.171; 3. Cap Henry, 04, Henry, 8.183; 4. Erick Rudolph, 32, Rudolph, 8.223; 5. Tyler Ross, 3t, Holmquist, 8.249; 6. John Ivy, 94, Henry, 8.356; 7. Larry Joe Sroufe, 21s, Sroufe, 8.363; 8. Chris Stockham, 44, Stockham, 8.442; 9. Tim Neil, 19n, Dunigan, 8.535; 10. Chase Ridenour, 11r, Ridenour, 8.599; 11. Matt Janisch, 14j, 8.610; 12. A.J. Lesiecki, 14, Lesiecki, 8.613; 13. Richard Smith, 12, Smith, 8.702; 14. Ben Taylor, 19, Taylor, 8.729; 15. Michael Kettnich, 19k, Kettnich, 8.787; 16. Russ Belt, 28, Fox, 8.847; 17. Nick Landon, 82, Landon, 8.863; 18. Drew Dorsett, 11b, Bickel-Sager, 8.890; 19. Mark Zumbrun, 35, Zumbrun, 8.929; 20. Bill Dunham, 84, Dunham, 8.937; 21. Howard McCormick, 26, Sager, 8.953; 22. Jeremy Glasford, 14g, Glasford, 8.979; 23. Clay Sanders, 21, Sanders, 9.048; 24. Rusty Strausbaugh, 29, Strausbaugh, 9.066; 25. Nick Eastin, 93, Eastin, 9.097; 26. Kyle Henry, 51h, Ormsby, 9.128; 27. Ryan Nawrocki, 5, Reed, 9.215; 28. Steve Shockney Jr., 28s, Shockney, 9.321; 29. Butch Hamilton, 1h, Hamilton, 9.356; 30. Ed Wilberg Sr., 5, Wilberg, 9.710; 31. Gary Klein, 68, Klein, NT; 32. Steve Myers, 88, Myers, NT; 33. Brandon Knupp, 20, Chambers, NT.
First heat (10 laps) – Ross, Neal, Ri. Smith, McCormick, Landon, Eastin, Hamilton, Quinones.
Second heat (10 laps) – Ry. Smith, Taylor, Ridenour, Glasford, K. Henry, Wilberg, Dorsett, Ivy.
Third heat (10 laps) – Janisch, C. Henry, Sroufe, Kettnich, Sanders, Zumbrun, Nawrocki.
Fourth heat (10 laps) – Stockham, Rudolph, Belt, Shockney, Dunham, Strausbaugh, Lesiecki.
First semi-feature (12 laps) – McCormick, Landon, Zumbrun, Sanders, Eastin, Hamilton, Quinones, Kettnich.
Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Ivy, Glasford, Lesiecki, K. Henry, Strausbaugh, Shockney, Dunham, Wilberg.
Feature (30 laps) – 1. Ryan Smith, 2. Cap Henry, 3. John Ivy, 4. Matt Janisch, 5. Larry Joe Sroufe, 6. Tyler Ross, 7. Richard Smith, 8. Chase Ridenour, 9. Howard McCormick, 10. A.J. Lesiecki, 11. Russ Belt, 12. Tim Neil, 13. Ben Taylor, 14. Jeremy Glasford; 15. Nick Landon, 16. Erick Rudolph, 17. Mark Zumbrun, 18. Chris Stockham. Lap leaders: Stockham 1-5, Sroufe 6-11, Rudolph 12-14, Ry. Smith 15-30.


Qualifying – 1. Lynsey Tilton, 74, Tilton, 8.885 seconds (breaks track record of 9.041 seconds set on Friday); 2. Collin Ambrose, 36, Ambrose, 9.164 seconds; 3. Lynn Ambrose, 1, Ambrose, 9.174 seconds; 4. Collin Parker, 25, Parker, 9.505; 5. Becca Stiefel, 328, Stiefel, 9.518; 6. Doug Jones, 37, Jones, 9.537; 7. Ron Coleman, 44, Coleman, 9.671; 8. Kyle McIntosh, 17b, Eaglin, 9.759; 9. Gary Bradley, 4, Bradley, 10.524.
Heat (10 laps) – Parker, L. Ambrose, Tilton, Stiefel, McIntosh, C. Ambrose, Coleman, Bradley, Jones.
Feature (12 laps) – 1. Doug Jones, 2. L. Ambrose, 3. C. Ambrose, 4. McIntosh, 5. Stiefel, 6. Parker, 7. Bradley, 8. Tilton, 9. Coleman. Lap leaders: Jones 1-12.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jeff Rathfon, A.J. Spagnuolo, Ty Tilton, Jay Portman, Matt Dimit, Damen Bock, Pete Thompson, Josh Gerris, Mark Mason.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Mike Villena, Brock Anderson, Dustin Hammond, Ben Burden, Kyle Mills, Todd Squires, Nick Welch, Kyle Flores.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Spagnuolo, Bock, Dimit, Tilton, Rathfon, Mason, Portman, Thompson.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Villena, Mills, Hammond, Anderson, Welch, Burden, Flores, Squires.
Semi-feature (8 laps) – Bock, Dimit, Portman, Squires, Mason, Flores, Welch, Mills, Burden.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. A.J. Spagnuolo, 2. Mike Villena, 3. Matt Dimit, 4. Damen Bock, 5. Dustin Hammond, 6. Ty Tilton, 7. Jay Portman, 8. Jeff Rathfon, 9. Mark Mason, 10. Brock Anderson, 11. Todd Squires, 12. Kyle Flores.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Philip Schneider, Jason Dunn, Nick Higdon, Josh McKnight, C.J. Leary, Zack Loe, Damen Bock, Zach Wolff, Austin Long, Matt Farnham.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Preston Oberle, Brandon Askren, Joshua Davis, A.J. Spagnuolo, Phillip Bauman, Travis Brown, Kevin Wall Jr., Erik Wolleson, Jeremy Edwards, Bill Morris.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Nick Bowers, Dustin Heath, Dustin Lundgren, Robbie Sarchet, Zach Axlen, Justin Sondgeroth, Jake Shelley, Brad Bowers, Mike Markle.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Higdon, Schneider, McKnight, Long, Farnham, Leary, Wolff, Bock, Loe.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Oberle, Askren, Davis, Bauman, Wolleson, Brown, Edwards, Morris.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Shelley, B. Bowers, Axlen, Heath, N. Bowers, Sondgeroth, Lundgren, Sarchet, Markle.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Shelley, McKnight, Leary, Sondgeroth, Wolff, Loe, Wolleson, Edwards, Lundgren.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Bowers, Axlen, Sarchet, Bock, Farnham, Long, Bauman, Brown.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Jason Dunn, 2. Jake Shelley, 3. Preston Oberle, 4. Dustin Heath, 5. Philip Schneider, 6. Brandon Askren, 7. Nick Bowers, 8. Josh McKnight, 9. Nick Higdon, 10. Brad Bowers, 11. Joshua Davis, 12. Zach Axlen.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jason Dunn, C.J. Leary, Ryan Moran, Philip Schneider, Nick Higdon, Matt Randall, Zach Wolff, Steven Ray, Matt Farnham, Austin Long.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Nick Bowers, Dustin Lundgren, Leah Spangler, Preston Oberle, Joshua Davis, Brad Schieber, Nate Randall, Erik Wolleson, Logan Hupp, Brandon Askren.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Dustin Heath, Brad Bowers, Zach Axlen, Mike Markle, Colton Adams, Jake Shelley, Robbie Sarchet, Justin Sondgeroth.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Schneider, Moran, Higdon, Leary, Farnham, Wolff, M. Randall, Long, Ray.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Oberle, Askren, N. Bowers, Davis, Lundgren, N. Randall, Spangler, Wolleson, Schieber.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Sondgeroth, Shelley, B. Bowers, Heath, Sarchet, Markle, Axlen, Adams.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Sondgeroth, Higdon, Askren, Axlen, Lundgren, M. Randall, Farnham, Long, N. Randall, Wolleson.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Shelley, Sarchet, Markle, Davis, Spangler, Adams, Ray.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Jason Dunn, 2. Dustin Heath, 3. C.J. Leary, 4. Justin Sondgeroth, 5. Ryan Moran, 6. Preston Oberle, 7. Brad Bowers, 8. Nick Bowers, 9. Jake Shelley, 10. Philip Schneider, 11. Nick Higdon, 12. Robbie Sarchet.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jason Dunn, Matt Dimit, Brad Schieber, Josh McKnight, John Hawley, Joel Best, Jason O’Hara, Nathan Dishoungh, Kyle Dager.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Ryan Moran, Dustin Ingle, Rick Dukes, Kelsey Ivers, Jeremy Howe, Blake Lamb, Nick Keller, Marie McKnight, Dylan Kenney.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Mike Ernsberger, Cole Rhoton, Jaden Edwards, Tristan Maggert, Max Stambaugh, Jacob Mavis, Tyler Ransbottom, John Ventrello.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) – Sam Longanbach, Nick Bowers, Robbie Sarchet, Dustin Heath, Jared Bennett, Dustin Dinan, Jason Dietsch, Brandon Schnittke.
Fifth heat, round one (8 laps) – Dustin Vandermeir, Ron Vandermeir Jr., Thomas Johns.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Hawley, Best, Schieber, Dimit, J. McKnight, Dishoungh, O’Hara, Dager.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Ivers, Ingle, M. McKnight, Keller, Howe, Kenney, Lamb, Moran, Dukes.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Stambaugh, Edwards, Rhoton, Ernsberger, Ransbottom, Mavis, Maggert, Ventrello.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) – Sarchet, Longanbach, Bowers, Bennett, Heath, Dinan, Schnittke, Dietsch.
Fifth heat, round two (8 laps) – R. Vandermeir, D. Vandermeir, Johns.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Heath, Edwards, Maggert, Schnittke, Mavis, O’Hara, Howe, Dager, Ivers, Schieber.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Bowers, Bennett, Dimit, Ernsberger, Dukes, Dinan, M. McKnight, Dietsch, Best.
Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Moran, Rhoton, J. McKnight, Hawley, Kenney, Stambaugh, Lamb, Ventrello, Ransbottom, Keller.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Jason Dunn, 2. Jared Bennett, 3. Sam Longanbach, 4. Ryan Moran, 5. Dustin Ingle, 6. Dustin Heath, 7. Dustin Vandermeir, 8. Jaden Edwards, 9. Ron Vandermeir Jr., 10. Cole Rhoton, 11. Nick Bowers, 12. Robbie Sarchet.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Ben Knight, Kole Holden, Tom Wible, Gene Gregoric III, Trenton Spencer, Anthony Deming, Nick Potter, David Dipple.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Hunter Parsons, Sam Weaver, Damian Icenhour, Derek Hammond, Kobe Allison, Derek Lilly, Steven Webb.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Holden, Knight, Wible, Dipple, Spencer, Deming, Potter, Gregoric.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Allison, Weaver, Parsons, Icenhour, Lilly, Webb, Hammond.
Semi-feature (8 laps) – Dipple, Icenhour, Lilly, Hammond, Deming, Gregoric, Spencer, Webb, Potter.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Kole Holden, 2. Sam Weaver, 3. Ben Knight, 4. David Dipple, 5. Hunter Parsons, 6. Kobe Allison, 7. Damian Icenhour, 8. Gene Gregoric III, 9. Derek Hammond, 10. Tom Wible, 11. Anthony Deming, 12. Derek Lilly.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Stratton Briggs, Ryan Ball, Breiden Mooney, Myles Morrolf, Nathan Myers, Anthony Deming.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Bradley Brown, Kole Holden, Dylan Anderson, Dylan Shroyer, Garrett Schwartz.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Briggs, Morrolf, Ball, Mooney, Myers, Deming, Tyler Fitzpatrick.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Holden, Brown, Shroyer, Anderson, Schwartz.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Bradley Brown, 2. Kole Holden, 3. Stratton Briggs, 4. Ryan Ball, 5. Myles Morrolf, 6. Dylan Shroyer, 7. Nathan Myers, 8. Anthony Deming, 9. Garrett Schwartz, 10. Breiden Mooney, 11. Dylan Anderson, 12. Tyler Fitzpatrick.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Harrison Hall, Madison Bland, Jakeb Boxell, Aiden Williamson, Michael Villena, Taylor Dietsch, Andrew Castelucci.
Heat, round two (8 laps) – Hall, Williamson, Bland, Boxell, Castelucci, Vilenna, Dietsch.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Harrison Hall, 2. Aiden Williamson, 3. Jakeb Boxell, 4. Madison Bland, 5. Michael Villena, 6. Taylor Dietsch, 7. Andrew Castelucci.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Kyle DeKnight, Nathan Bevard, Lucas Chaudoin, Matt Browning, A.J. Spagnuolo, Kenny Barnes, Bill Booher, Jody Emmons.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Joe Barker, Josh McKnight, Cody Egan, Steve Burkholder, Charlie Schultz, Matt Foos, Kyle Flores, Connor Lund.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, John Miller, Tyler Deschaine, Zach Bowman, Allen Poe, Garrett Gosnell.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Chaudoin, Browning, Spagnuolo, DeKnight, Booher, Barnes.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – McKnight, Foos, Schultz, Egan, Barker, Lund, Flores.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Poe, Deschaine, Miller, Bowman, Gosnell, Axlen.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Egan, Barker, Foos, Spagnuolo, Bevard, Flores, Gosnell.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Axlen, Lund, Poe, Burkholder, Booher, Bowman, Schultz.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cody Egan, 2. Josh McKnight, 3. Zach Axlen, 4. Kyle DeKnight, 5. Matt Foos, 6. Matt Browning, 7. Lucas Chaudoin, 8. Allen Poe, 9. Tyler Deschaine, 10. John Miller, 11. Connor Lund, 12. Joe Barker.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Joe Barker, Cody Egan, Dellas Burns, Brad King, Matt Browning, Matt Foos, Lucas Chaudoin, Charlie Schultz.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – John Miller, Max Stambaugh, Joshua Davis, Kyle Burns, Zach Bowman.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – D. Burns, Schultz, Foos, Egan, Browning, King, Chaudoin, Barker.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Stambaugh, Bowman, Miller.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cody Egan, 2. Charlie Schultz, 3. Matt Foos, 4. Max Stambaugh, 5. Joshua Davis, 6. Dellas Burns, 7. Matt Browning, 8. John Miller, 9. Brad King, 10. Joe Barker, 11. Lucas Chaudoin, 12. Kyle Burns.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Cason Konzer, Jonathon Lesiecki, Hayden Dickerson, Matt Maki, Robert Ford, Kyle Kerns, Walter Thomas III, Alex Benovich, Aaron Leffel.
Heat, round two (8 laps) – Dickerson, Lesiecki, Thomas, Kerns, Leffel, Konzer, Ford, Maki.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cason Konzer, 2. Robert Ford, 3. Aaron Leffel, 4. Hayden Dickerson, 5. Jonathon Lesiecki, 6. Matt Maki, 7. Walter Thomas III, 8. Kyle Kerns, 9. Alex Benovich.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Addison Lushin, Caden Hoyt, Michael Clancy Jr., Clayton Gaines, Jarrett Gerber.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Zeb Wise, Mox Price, Bennett Lushin, Griffin Brown, Ayrton Olsen.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – A. Lushin, Hoyt, Gerber, Gaines, Clancy Jr.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – B. Lushin, Olsen, Brown, Price, Wise.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Addison Lushin, 2. Bennett Lushin, 3. Caden Hoyt, 4. Zeb Wise, 5. Jarrett Gerber, 6. Griffin Brown, 7. Clayton Gaines, 8. Ayrton Olsen, 9. Micahel Clancy Jr., 10. Mox Price.


Heat, round one (10 laps) – Adam Walker, Starla Parsons, Robert Ford, Jonathon Lesiecki, Bud McCune, Walter Thomas III, Aaron Leffel.
Heat, round two (10 laps) – Leffel, Parsons, Lesiecki, McCune, Ford, Walker, Thomas.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Aaron Leffel, 2. Starla Parsons, 3. Robert Ford, 4. Jonathon Lesiecki, 5. Bud McCune, 6. Walter Thomas III, 7. Adam Walker.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Mox Price, Jared Leffel, Lexi Pohlman, Bennett Lushin.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Zeb Wise, Ayrton Olsen, Hayden Dickerson, Addison Lushin, Griffin Brown.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – B. Lushin, Price, Leffel, Richard Johnson, Pohlman.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Wise, A. Lushin, Olsen, Brown, Dickerson.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Bennett Lushin, 2. Zeb Wise, 3. Jared Leffel, 4. Hayden Dickerson, 5. Lexi Pohlman, 6. Richard Johnson, 7. Addison Lushin, 8. Mox Price, 9. Griffin Brown, 10. Ayrton Olsen.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Caden Hoyt, Brenden Torok, Zack Cullen, Joshua Lank Jr., Luke Wilhelm.
Second round, round one (8 laps) – Chase Burda, Charlie Allen, Race Price, Kasey Jedrzejek.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Hoyt, Cullen, Wilhelm, Lank, Torok.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Burda, Allen, Price.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Caden Hoyt, 2. Brenden Torok, 3. Zack Cullen, 4. Chase Burda, 5. Luke Wilhelm, 6. Race Price, 7. Joshua Lank Jr., 8. Charlie Allen, 9. Kasey Jedrzejek.