Goodman wins Spring Nationals sprint feature at Brill

brills motor speedway

brills motor speedwayFrom John Rittenoure

Meeker, OK — (March 30, 2012) — Mike Goodman started on the pole but had to out duel outside front row starter Fred Mattox along the way to capture the win in the Champ Sprint feature during the season opening Spring Nationals at Brill’s Motor Speedway.

After a pair of lap one restarts Mattox jumped out front but just before halfway Goodman closed in and shot under Mattox in turn four to take away the lead. Mattox remained in second with Sean McClelland right behind in third.

The race went red on the start when Whit Gastineau got sideway at the start-finish line collecting Strike Hill and Danny Smith. The rear of Gastineau’s sprinter was up in the air with the right rear tire lodged in the catch fence. Smith was turned sideways on the track with Hill’s car up on the hood of Smiths car. All three cars were towed to the pits and did nog restart.

Just a lap after the restart the race was stopped again when Josh Toho flipped in turn one. Following the second restart the race only saw two more yellows for spins.

Greg Burt turned back defending track champion Chad Davis to win the modified feature.

Champ Sprint

HEAT 1 1, Fred Mattox. 2, Strike Hill. 3, Whit Gastineau. 4, Kyle Cobb. 5, Brandon James. 6, Drew Harless. 7, Jeff Garnett.

HEAT 21, Mike Goodman. 2, Robert Sellers. 3, Brent Swift. 4, Jimmy Taylor. 5, Travis Cobb. 6, Josh Toho. 7, Rob Hooper.

HEAT 3 1, Sean McClelland. 2, Jeremy Allen. 3, Kyle Clark. 4, Danny Smith. 5, Brandon Jennings. 6, Beau Gastineau.

A FEATURE 1, Mike Goodman. 2, Fred Mattox. 3, Sean McClelland. 4, Kyle Cobb. 5, Travis Cobb. 6, Kyle Clark. 7, Beau Gastineau. 8, Brandon Jennings. 9, Brandon James. 10, Drew Harless. 11, Rob Hooper. 12, Robert Sellers. 13, Jeff Garnett. 14, Brent Swift. 15, Josh Toho. 16, Strike Hill. 17, Jeremy Allen. 18, Whit Gastineau. 19, Danny Smith. 20, Jimmy Taylor.


HEAT 1 1, Gil White. 2, Cody Brewer. 3, David Mcduffee. 4, Dwayne Forsgren.

HEAT 2 1, Colton Brewer. 2, James Fabian. 3, Paul Johnson. 4, Dan Schnackenberg.

A FEATURE 1, Gil White. 2, Colton Brewer. 3, James Fabian. 4, Paul Johnson. 5, Dwayne Forsgren. 6, David Mcduffee. 7, Cody Brewer. 8, Dan Schnackenberg.