Lemley, Turnbull, and Roberts Win Opening Night Features at Skagit

Skagit Speedway
From Skagit Speedway

Alger, WA — (April 21, 2012) — Brock Lemley, Trevor Turnbull, and Derek Roberts won the 410, 360, and Sportsman Sprint Car features respectively Saturday night at Skagit Speedway.

Winged 410 Sprint Cars
1. Brock Lemley
2. Travis Jscobsen
3.Chad Hillier
4. Baarry Martinez
5. Trevor Turnbull

Winged 360 Sprint Cars
1. Trevor Turnbull
2. Michael Harris
3. Kelsey Carpenter
4. Alan Munn
5. Bud Ashe

Sportsman Sprints
1. Derek Roberts
2.Tyler Fox
3.Cory Swatzina
4.Rob Schroder
5.Steve Parker