USAC Ford Focus Ignite Midget Car Series United States Auto Club Logo

From Dick Jordan

A brand new series name has been instituted for participants in USAC’s popular cost-efficient driver development series formerly known as the Focus Midget Series. The series’ new name and logo will reflect the partnership announced last year and now will be known as the “Ignite Ethanol Fuel Midget Series.”

The concept inaugurated in 2002 and in the ensuing 10 years over 700 events have been conducted producing over 180 different race winners at over 90 tracks in 27 states.

This year the Ignite Ethanol Fuel Midget Series will expand to a new territory, the Northwest, to be included with the Midwest, Eastern and Western championships.

“We are excited to include Ignite as we continue to expand and grow our developmental series,”says USAC President/CEO Kevin Miller. “Their participation across many of our programs is welcomed and part of our focus on green initiative as we look to our future role in the environmental footprint motorsports has on America.”