Dietz Outlasts the Field for First Win of 2012

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Belgrade, MT — (June 8, 2012) — Dodging rain drops and storm clouds, Phil Dietz used a front row feature start to rocket to the win. Pole sitter Joe Ramaker led the opening few laps before a sour motor forced him from the event. Brock Lemly driving the Peterson #23n took the lead and looked like he was on his way to third straight Big Sky Sprints Tour win. It was not to be. As the white flag flew Lemly quickly pulled into the infield with broken gears. Dietz took it home from there.

The first lap of the feature brought a red flag when Trever Kirkland jumped a tire of Chip Roe and both cars went flipping into turn 3. Roe was sore and shaken, but walked away. Kirkland escaped injury. Both cars were severly damaged.

Ofiicial results will be posted as they become available.

Heat 1: 1. #37 Trever Kirkland; 2. #72 Phil Dietz; 3. #9k Brent Kronfuss
Heat 2: 1. #23n Brock Lemly; 2. #98 Joe Ramaker; 3. #44 Kelly Miller

Feature: 1. #72 Dietz;. 2. #9k Kronfuss; 3. #27dd Hoiness; 4. #44 Miller; 5. #17j Brey; 6. #28 Perry