Schneiderman Shoots for the Stars with Win and Engagement

From the Sprint Invaders Association

Burlington, IA — (July 3, 2012) — Thirty-two cars signed into the pits at 34 Raceway in West Burlington. The track preparation by the Laues and their track crew kept the racing exciting.

Only six cars made the call for heat race one after Andy Huston had destroyed his car in the first A Feature and Destini Clark lost the brakes in her 360 Sprint. Bret Tripplett and Bobby Mincer transferred to the Dash with Dustin Selvage and Randy Martin going right to the A Main. Heat two included seven starters with John Greenwood missing the call. Jerrod Hull and Josh Schneiderman stayed up front from the start to go to the Dash, while Jon Agan who started last and Evan Martin moving onto the A Main.Scotty Thiel of Wisconsin led from the start with Justin Newberry finishing second in heat 3. Ryan Jamison and Ben Wagoner who started last moved onto the A Main.Josh Higday and Russ Hall were the last two transfers to the Dash with Matt Harms and Jarrod Schneiderman advancing to the A Main.

After the Budweiser Super Shake-Up Dash draw, Josh Schneiderman and Jerrod Hull started on the front row with Tripplett, Thiel, Newberry, Mincer, Hall and Higday to follow. Josh never looked back after the start taking the 6 Lap Budweiser Shake-Up Dash win. The Junior Vader for the night picked the Budweiser hat with the 4 to put Josh in the 4th starting position.

Fourteen cars started the B Main with Bergquist and Ditsworth leading the field to the green. Sutton, Davies and Ditsworth all saw the end to their night come early with crashes. Justin Parrish won with Schilling, Schultz, and RJ Johnson transferring to the back of the A Main.

Starting on the front row of the 34 lap A Main was previous SIA winner Bret Tripplett along side Russ Hall. Hall jumped out to a slight lead with Triplett, Mincer, Schneiderman, Thiel and Hull on his tail. Hull dropped out early with an ill sounding car. Tripplett and Thiel got together in turn three to bring out a yellow. Thiel restarted, but Tripplett was done for the night. At lap 19 the yellow flag came out for the half way pit stop.  Dave Beck open the pits for the 4 wheeler parade to the front stretch so the crews could show the fans what normally happens in the pit area. Each team had 12 minutes to do changes, then the drivers were strapped back in for the remaining laps. Russ Hall led at the pit stop to earn a $250 bonus. Most of the drivers hydrated with a cold drink and directed their crews to change whatever they felt would help to win the feature. During this time, Track Promoter Amy Laue interviewed some of the crew and drivers.
The air horn was blown twice by competition director, Donnie Bergquist, and the crews headed back to the pits for the finish. Schneiderman chose the right changes and made his way to the front to win his first Sprint Invader event of the season. Josh was followed by Selvage, Mincer, Higday, Hall, R Martin, Agan, Jamison, Wagoner and Thiel coming from the last position to round out the top ten. One lucky fan won $250 for picking Josh to win the A Feature.

The Schneiderman’s celebrated a big win along with the engagement of Josh and Brittany Griffith daughter of Brad and Laura of Mediapolis and the announcement by the Sprint Invader Benevolent Society that Janelle Schneiderman will receive a $250 scholarship to Wartburg College next school year.

The Sprint Invaders next race is the Cedar County Fair in Tipton, Iowa on Thursday. July 12.

Results: A Main-1. 2 Schneiderman (4), 2. 7 Selvage (9), 3. 15 Mincer (3) 4. 24 Higday (7), 5. Hall (2), 6. R. Martin (13), 7. 4 Agan (10), 8. Jamison (11), 9. 84 Wagoner (15), 10. 64 Thiel (5), 11. 47T Schilling (18), 12. 14S Schultz (19), 13. 4M E Martin (14), 14. 4J Parrish (17), 15. 71 Johnson (20), 16. 36 Newberry (8), 17. 53H Harms (12), 18. 88 Schneiderman (16), 19. 22 Tripplett (1), 20. 41 Hull (6)

Contingencies: Weld-Parrish
Brake Man-Schilling
DOC 360 Mystery Spot-Wagner
KSE Hard Charger – Schilling