Steed Wins at Cowtown

From Cowtown Speedway

Kennedale, TX — (July 7, 2012) — Dalton Steed won the Racesaver 305 sprint car feature Saturday night at Cowtown Speedway. Chad Wilson, Marvin Lough, Martin Edwards, and Dalton Stevens rounded out the top five.

Racesaver 305
(26) Dalton Steed, (20x) Chad Wilson, (45) Martin Edwards, (99) Chase Brewer, (17) Ed French, (82) Matt Etzelmiller, (37)Victory Humphrey,

Heat #2
(2) Logan Payne, (2x) Tucker Dougherty, (99x) Dalton Stevens, (74) D.J. Estes, (98) Marvin Lough, (53) Brent Mayfield, (1x) Chase Doughty,

(26) Dalton Steed, (20x) Chad Wilson, (98) Marvin Lough, (45) Martin Edwards, (99x) Dalton Stevens, (79) Ryan Hall, (99) Chase Brewer, (74) D.J. Estes, (2x) Tucker Dougherty, (82) Matt Etzelmiller, (1x) Chase Doughty, (53) Brent Mayfield, (2) Logan Payne, (37)Victory Humphrey, (17) Ed French,