From Kelly Hart

Alger, WA — (July 28, 2012) — Heading into night two of the 2012 Bob’s Burgers and Brew 360 Nationals one of the biggest questions was could Travis Jacobson win three in a row? Yes is the answer. With the biggest field of 360 Sprint cars on the West Coast this season and a big wide racey racetrack anything could happen.

Setting the stage for the night were the Scrambles which determined the top 6 starting positions of the three main events. Winning the C Scramble was Mike Melwicks , with Colton Heath winning the B Scramble and it was Shane Stewart picking up the win in the A Scramble.

Mike Melwicks led all 12 laps of the C Main with just one yellow flag flying on lap six for a slowing Ashley Lewellen. The top 5 cars transferred to the B main and they were second to fifth Bud Ashe, Tyler Anderson, Matt Jensen and Colton Akerstrom.

In the B main event Colton Heath set off to a big early lead and had the event in hand when a rear axle broke on the #33 Law Motorsports car. Inheriting the lead was Skagit Speedway 360 Sprints point leader Trevor Turnbull who turned his fortune into the B Main win. Six cars transferred to the main and they were Turnbull, Jesse Dakus, Justin Youngquist, Kelsey Carpenter and Devin Madonia.

Mitch Olson snookered inside pole sitter Shane Stewart on the initial start and took for to an expanding lead. On lap six disaster struck as Justin Youngquist flipped bringing out the red just as Olson was entering turn one, with nowhere to go Olson flipped just behind Youngquist ending his evening. A few laps earlier Jacobson had slipped into second underneath Stewart and as luck would have it inheriting the lead spot. Jacobson was able to withstand numerous yellows and a few reds and was only challenged late in the race when Stewart caught up in traffic. On the last two laps it was Jacobson and Stewart dicing in between lapped cars for the lead. Into the final two corners, Jacobson down to the apron and Stewart to the high side. They came out of turn four just feet apart with Jacobson leading Stewart at the line. Rounding out the top five were Stewart, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Brock Lemley and Travis Rilat.

ASA Member Track Skagit Speedway resumes racing action Saturday night August 4th with Ladies Night Out presented by NW Hair Academy and Soft Rock KAFE 104. The first 5,000 ladies will get in free to watch the 410 Sprints, Sportsman Sprints, USAC Midgets and the Outlaw Hornets. Grandstands open at 5:30 pm with racing after opening ceremonies at 7:00 pm.


C SCRAMBLE:Mike Melwicks, Bud Ashe, Tyler Anderson, Rob Schroder, Matt Jensen

B SCRAMBLE:Colton Heath, Kelsey Carpenter, Jesse Dakus, Justin Youngquist, Sean MacDonnell, Trevor Turnbull

A SCRAMBLE:Shane Stewart, Mitch Olson, Travis Jacobson, Eric Fisher, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Jason Solwold

C MAIN:Mike Melwicks, Bud Ashe, Tyler Anderson, Matt Jensen, Colton Akerstrom, Rob Schroder, Luke Didiuk, Steven James, Kelly Miller, Darcy Vaillant, Bill Rude, Clayton Sibley, Cale Brooke, Ben Gunderson, Ashley Lewellen

Lap leaders: Mike Melwicks 1-12

B MAIN: Trevor Turnbull, Jesse Dakus, Kelsey Carpenter, Devin Madonia, JJ Hickle, Rod Perkins, Sean MacDonnell, Drew Macdonnell, Mike Melwicks, Randy Price, Bud Ashe, Kenny Rutz, Colton Heath, Tyler Anderson, Jonathan Jorgenson, Matt Jensen, Colton Akerstrom

Lap leaders: Colton Heath 1-10, Trevor Turnbull 11-15

A MAIN: Travis Jacobson, Shane Stewart, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Brock Lemley, Travis Rilat, Trey Starks, Eric Fisher, Jesse Whitney, Cameron Smith, Chad Hillier, Cody Ridge, David Miller, Casey Adams, Trevor Turnbull, Jesse Dakus, JJ Hickle, Devin Madonia, Kelsey Carpenter, Rick Fauver, Mitch Olson, Justin Youngquist, Jason Solwold

Lap leaders: Mitch Olson 1-6, Travis Jacobson 7-40