skagitFrom  Kelly Hart

Alger, WA — (May 4, 2013) — On easily the warmest day of the year ASA member track Skagit Speedway hosted its second race of the 2013 season. Main event winners were Brock Lemley in the 410 Sprints, Trey Stark in the 360 Sprints, Zach McCabe made it two straight to start the year in the Sportsman Sprints and Freddie Vela won the Outlaw Tuner main.

Starting off the night in time trials Travis Jacobson was fastest of the 410 Sprints with a 10.982 second lap around the 3/10th mile clay oval. For the 360 Sprints fast time was Danny Kirkpatrick in his 2013 debut with an 11.791 second lap.

In the 360 division heat race wins were picked up by Kenny Rutz and Derek Roberts. Trey Starks led the entire way in picking up his first 360 Sprint win of the season. Action was fast and furious everywhere you looked with Travis Rutz and Brock Lemley were dicing in and out of lapped traffic with Rutz temporarily taking the second spot when he tangled with two slower lapped cars flipping down the back stretch. Lemley back to second where he would finish ahead of Randy Price, Tyler Anderson and Rod Perkins. Two amazing runs were seen in this race as Randy Price started from the back of the pack after flipping in his heat race and Mack Brown had to come from the back of the pack after mechanical woes while starting up front.

Zach McCabe won his second straight Sportsman Sprint main event and stretch out his early season point lead. McCabe paced the field and was only challenged on the two restarts by Colton Heath who was substituting for Cory Swatzina. A curious event took place on the third lap. On the back stretch three cars were collected while on the front stretch rookie racer Joshua Griffiths was flipping on the front stretch. None of the 4 cars was able to continue. In the heat races the winners were Heath and William Rude.

The 410 Sprint car heat races were won by Brock Lemley and Eric Fisher. In the 410 main Lemley paced the field for the entire race ahead of Travis Jacobson and Jonathan Jorgenson with his best ever finish in a 410 of third place. Kevin Smith brought out the only yellow of the event shredding a wheel on the 14th lap.

For defending champion Freddie Vela it was a total domination of the Outlaw Tuner main pulling away for his first win of the season. Podium finishes were for Rick Young in second and Matt Ploeg in third who banged and rubbed over the final two circuits for the most entertaining of runner-up finishes.

Skagit Speedway hosts the first race in a four race series, The Summer Thunder Series presented by SpeedMart. Also scheduled are the USAC Midgets and the Outlaw Tuners. Racing is at 7pm with spectator gates opening at 5:30pm.

410 Sprints
Fast time: Travis Jacobson 10.982
Heat 1 Brock Lemley, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Jorgenson, Travis Jacobson
Heat 2 Eric Fisher, Chad Hillier, Jason Bloodgood, Trey Starks
Main Brock Lemley, Jacobson, Jorgenson, Starks, Hillier, Fisher, Smith, Bloodgood
Lap leaders Brock Lemley 1-25
Hard charger Travis Jacobson +2 positions gained

360 Sprints
Fast time Danny Kirkpatrick 11.791
Heat 1 Kenny Rutz, Mitch Olson, Liam Ryan, Mack Brown, Steven James
Heat 2 Derek Roberts, Trey Starks, Rod Perkins, Brock Lemley, Bud Ashe
Main Trey Starks, Lemley, Randy Price, Tyler Anderson, Perkins, Brown, James, Michael Bollinger, Zeth Custer, Ryan, Rutz, Ashe, Jeff Dunlap, Olson, Matt Jensen
Lap leaders Trey Starks 1-25
Hard charger Tyler Anderson +11 positions gained

Sportsman Sprints
Heat 1 William Rude, Zach McCabe, Tyler Fox, Ben Gunderson, Roger Oudman
Heat 2 Colton Heath, James Bundy, Clayton Sibley, Steve Parker, Ashley Lewellen
Main Zach McCabe, Heath, Parker, Bundy, Sibley, Gunderson, Fox, Lewellen, Adam Hinds, Greg Otis, Rude, Mike Murphy, Oudman, Curtis Clark, Wes Tyra, Joshua Griffiths, Dave Mead, Paul Burdick
Lap leaders Zach McCabe 1-20
Hard charger Adam Hinds +8 positions gained

Outlaw Tuners
Heat 1 Brandon Berg, Clint Meins, Howard Vos, Trevor Helms, Tina Thibert
Heat 2 Matt Ploeg, Cliff Ballenger, Freddie Vela, Rick Young, Jon Gunderson
Main Freddie Vela, Young, Ploeg, Meins, Ballenger, Becky Boudreau, Trevor Helms, Gunderson, Kayla Cameron, Jon Edwards, Thibert, Andy Dillon, Mark E Toth III, Tom Warner, Vos, Patrick Adams, BErg
Lap leaders Freddie Vela 1-20
Hard charger Becky Boudreau +8 positions gained