Stockon Wins at Bloomington

Chase Stockon. - Bill Weir Photo

Bloomington, IN — (May 24, 2013) — Chase Stockon won the sprint car feature Friday night at Bloomington Speedway.  Jon Stanbrough and Brady Short followed Stockton over the finish line.

During the event Josh Burton was involved in a violent flip in turn one and was transported to a local hosptial.  No update was available on his condition.

Feature Results:

1. Chase Stockon
2. Jon Stanbrough
3. Brady Short
4. Christopher Bell
5. Jeff Bland
6. Chase Briscoe
7. Danny Holtsclaw
8. Brian Hayden
9. Jon Sciscoe
10. Bub Cummings
11. Chris Babcock
12. Dakota Jackson
13. Mark Smith
14. Kevin Chambers
15. Jake Simmons
16. John Knepper
17. Ethan Barrow
18. Logan Hupp
19. Jordan Kinser
20. Levi Shields
21. Drew Abel