Dietz Wins Big Sky Sprint Tour Feature at Electric City

Big Sky Sprint Tour BSST logo

Big Sky Sprint Tour BSST logoGreat Falls, MT — (June 7, 2013) — Phil Dietz won the Big Sky Sprint Tour feature Friday night at Electric City Speedway.  Jared Peterson, Trever Kirkland, Steve Reeves, and Kelly Miller rounded out the top five.

Feature Results:

1. Phil Dietz
2. Jared Peterson
3. Trever Kirkland
4. Steve Reeves
5. Kelly Miller
6. Stuart Selby
7. Bill Boyce
8. Paxton Lambrecht
9. Jeremy Mccune
10. Joe Perry
11. Kyle Evans
12. Brian Brown
13. Chris Roberts
14. Calvin Finch
15. Vern Hill
16. David Hoiness
17. Shane Prinscough
18. Joe Ramaker
19. Colton Akesstrom
20. Damon Mccune