Donnelly wins second SCONE feature in a row

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Bradford, VT — (August 17, 2013) — Saturday,August 17th dawned with blue sky and broken clouds. There were 19, Bond Auto Parts, SCoNE Sprints in the pits and it was decided that everyone would start the feature as Bear Ridge Speedway uses transponders with manual lap scorers for a backup. The reason for starting no more than 18 cars is the scorers are unable to keep up with the low lap times and a full field of cars. As it turned out it wasn’t a worry anyway.

In Hot laps, Wild Will Hull in the 61 hit a rut in turn 1, broke his steering arm and took an excursion off the turn, getting upside down. Will was able to repair the car and with a borrowed wing from Bruce Kimball of the 10 car, and made his Heat race.

In the first Heat race, on the first lap, Tyler Rich in the 20 hit a hole near the end of the front stretch and turned sideways, leaving the 21 of Tunk Berry, the 61 of Will Hull (again), the 58 of Clay Dow and the 13 of Hutch Hutchinson with no place to go except over him and off turn one. Tunk and Hutch were done for the night, Tyler was done for this Heat and Will and Clay were able to continue.

The second Heat race went off without a hitch leaving everyone able to run, qualified for the feature.

Top 3 in the first Heat were Jake Williams in the 73, Chris Donnelly in the 17 and Lacey Hanson in the 33. Top 3 in the second Heat were Dan Douville in the 7X, Spencer Allen in the 22 and Travis Hull in the 62.

Starting lineup for the feature was Bruce Kimball in the 10 on the inside pole with Lacey Hanson in the 33 on the outside. Lacey got the lead and ran strong until around lap 10 when Chris Donnelly in the 17 got by for the lead. Chris moved out and had about a ½ lap lead by lap 20 when there was a caution for Tyler Rich in the 20 car spinning out in turn 2. That was the only caution of the race. Dan Douville in the 7X moved into 2nd place from his starting position of 11th on the restart and Travis Hull in the 62 moved into 3rd. Rounding out the top 5 were Will Hull in the 61 from is 8th place start and Lacey Hanson in the 33 holding on for her second consecutive 5th place finish.

Hard Charger for the night was Chris Donnelly in the 17 moving from his 14th starting place to the lead for a gain of 13 places.

During the race Jake Williams in the 73 ran strong and was moving to the front but broke and was able to move to the infield without stopping the race.

1st Heat:
1. Jake Williams, 73
2. Chris Donnelly, 17
3. Lacey Hanson, 33
4. Bob Giuliani, 38
5. Clay Dow, 58
6. Will Hull, 61
7. Robby Bodwell, 9
8. Steve Hutchinson, 13
9. Tunk Berry, 21
10. Tyler Rich, 20

2nd Heat:
1. Dan Douville, 7X
2. Spencer Allen, 22
3. Travis Hull, 62
4. Kevin Chaffee, 8
5. Rick Martel, 28
6. Bruce Kimball, 10
7. Troy Comeau, 18L
8. Butch Valley, 77
9. Doug Sanborn, 3

1. Chris Donnelly, 17
2. Dan Douville, 7X
3. Travis Hull, 62
4. Will Hull, 61
5. Lacey Hanson, 33
6. Rick Martel, 28
7. Spencer Allen, 22
8. Clay Dow, 58
9. Troy Comeau, 18L
10. Kevin Chaffee, 8
11. Butch Valley, 77
12. Tyler Rich, 20
13. Bruce Kimball, 10
14. Bob Giuliani, 38
15. Doug Sanborn, 3
16. Robby Bodwell, 9
17. Jake Williams, 73

Next race for the Bond Auto Parts, SCoNE Sprints is August 30th at Canaan Dirt Speedway, Canaan, NH. This is the first race of SCoNE’s annual Triple Crown Weekend with races following on Saturday, August 31st at Bear Ridge Speedway and Sunday, September 1st at Legion Speedway. Stay tuned for more info later in the week.