Kendrick Wins at Perth

Perth Motorplex
Perth Motorplex

From Perth Motorplex

Perth, AU — (January 25, 2014) — Jason Kendrick took full advantage of a front row start to win the 20 lap sprintcar feature race from Kye Scroop and Mark Wells at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

The hard luck story belonged to Callum Williamson and Trent Pigdon who were both in for a podium finish but came together as they tried to avoid a spinning car on lap eight and both had to restart from the rear.

They were locked in a great duel in the second half of the race but unfortunately it was for seventh and eighth.

Jake Beard-Miller, who was a late nomination, after scrapping his original plans to contest the 360 championship in Esperance, drove well for fourth with Troy Beckingham finishing his first feature race in a long time, claiming a well-deserved fifth.

“We have obviously got this car set up unreal and hopefully we can just keep this run going with all the big guys coming in from over the east,” Kendrick said.

“We have got an awesome team.”

Scroop was pretty impressed with the podium finish, suffering a wretched run in recent times.

“It’s been a real hard six weeks, we have not finished a race for six weeks and this is for all the boys,” Scroop said.

“Without them we just couldn’t do it.

“It was just good for us to get a finish and get rolling leading into World Series.”

Wells, who started from position eight in his new white car, finished strong for his third.

“Yeah we have gone back to a bit of old school,” Wells said.

“This car was supposed to be here in November but it got here a bit late.

“A lot of people like the white and a lot like the black, but I hate silver (this is Wells’ 25th season) so it had to be white.

“We were all doing the same speed but I had nothing for him (Scroop), I was virtually flat out.

“It was good to get some laps with the new car.”

Dayne Kingshott proved to be the hotshot when the New Year Speedcar Derby was contested.

It was the third successive year that Kingshott has won the event, taking the win from Scott Glazebrook and Daniel Golding.

He started the win from the pole and never looked back.

“That’s great and just testament to this crew and the guys who have helped me out this week,” Kingshott said.

“The guys put in a huge effort.”

Kingshott also paid tribute to his sponsors who helped him get to the eastern states recently and ultimately win the Speedcar Pro Series.

“Also a big thanks to the Perth Motorplex too, that was an awesome racetrack tonight.”

Former national champion Neville Lance, who started on the front row with Kingshott, was out after six laps with motor problems.


Qualifying: Trent Pigdon 14.350, Jason Kendrick 14.558, Shane Norris 14.596, Kye Scroop 14.718, Mark Wells 14.730, Ryan Lancaster 14.910, Callum Williamson 15.142, Jake Beard-Miller 15.182, Jason Bolan 15.304, Troy Beckingham 15.346, Troy Lawson 15.559, Cale Sotiroff 15.688, Damian Blacka 15.689, Jason Pryde 15.840, David Scofield 16.359.

Heat 1: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Jake Beard-Miller, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Shane Norris, 6th Troy Lawson, 7th Troy Beckingham, 8th Damain Blacka, 9th David Scofield. DNF: Ryan Lancaster, Jason Boland, Jason Pryde, Trent Pigdon, Cale Sotiroff and Mark Wells.

Heat 2: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Trent Pigdon, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Mark Wells, 7th Troy Beckingham, 8th Shane Norris, 9th Troy Lawson, 10th Damian Blacka, 11th Jason Boland, 12th Jason Pryde, 13th David Scofield. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller.

Feature: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd Mark Wells, 4th Jake Beard-Miller, 5th Troy Beckingham, 6th Ryan Lancaster, 7th Trent Pigdon, 8th Callum Williamson, 9th Jason Pryde, 10th David Scofield. DNF: Damian Blacka, Troy Lawson, Jason Boland, Shane Norris and Cale Sotiroff.


Heat 1: 1st Brock Nanovich, 2nd Thomas Davies, 3rd Glenn Carstairs, 4th Chris Dymock, 5th Troy Johnson, 6th Ash Kent, 7th Chanelle Condren, 8th Adrian Tyler, 9th Steven Gay, 10th David Carstairs, 11th Warrick Bussenschutt, 12th Brooke Louise-Sharpe. DNF: Tom Hooper, Jeff Prentis and Brad Pages.

Heat 2: 1st Mark House, 2nd Graham Terry, 3rd Jamie Pages, 4th Matt Higgs, 5th Adrian Haywood, 6th Jason Priolo, 7th Craig Bottrell, 8th David Sinagra, 9th Peter Blight, 10th Gavin Connelly, 11th Jayden McCuish, 12th Brad Davison, 13th Jeff Ross, 14th Brendan Condren, 15th Lizz Plummer. DNF: Aaron Fullgrabe. DQ Andrew Priolo.

Heat 3: 1st Craig Bottrell, 2nd Mark House, 3rd David Sinagra, 4th Jason Priolo, 5th Adrian Tyler, 6th Adrian Haywood, 7th Chris Dymock, 8th Chanelle Condren, 9th Tom Hooper, 10th Glenn Carstairs, 11th Brad Davison, 12th David Carstairs, 13th Ash Kent. DNF: Warrick Bussenschutt, Brendan Condren and Peter Blight.

Heat 4: 1st Andrew Priolo, 2nd Troy Johnson, 3rd Matt Higgs, 4th Thomas Davies, 5th Brooke Louise-Sharpe, 6th Steve Gay, 7th Brock Nanovich, 8th Graham Terry, 9th Jeff Prentis, 10th Jamie Pages, 11th Gavin Connelly, 12th Jayden McCuish, 13th Jeff Ross, 14th Brad Pages.

Final: 1st Mark House, 2nd Mark House 3rd Troy Johnson, 4th Adrian Haywood, 5th Matt Higgs, 6th Craig Bottrell, 7th Brock Nanovich, 8th Andrew Priolo, 9th Graham Terry, 10th David Sinagra, 11th Glenn Carstairs, 12th Steven Gay, 13th Adrian Tyler, 14th Brendan Condren, 15th Jason Priolo, 16th Brad Davidson, 17th Brooke Louise Sharpe, 18th Chanelle Condren, 19th Jeff Prentis, 20th David Carstairs, 21st Jeff Ross, 22nd Ash Kent, 23rd Lizz Plummer. DNF: Tom Hooper, Jayden McCuish, Gavin Connelly, Chris Dymock.


Heat 1: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Rob Golding, 3rd Glen Mears, 4th Neville Lance, 5th Scott Glazebrook, 6th Paul Robinson, 7th Chris Telenta, 8th Vaughan Manders, 9th Daniel Golding, 10th David Perry. DNF: Alfonso Guadagnino.

Heat 2: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Ryan Condren, 3rd Paul Robinson, 4th Scott Glazebrook, 5th Alfonso Guadagnino, 6th Blake Mills, 7th Jack Alfirevich. DNF Lee Redmond, Travis White, Phillip Jeffreys and Bob Goddard.

Heat 3: 1st Vaughan Manders, 2nd Neville Lance, 3rd Lee Redmond, 4th Daniel Golding, 5th Glen Mears, 6th Chris Telenta, 7th Jack Alfirevich, 8th Ryan Condren, 9th Philip Jeffreys. DNF: David Perry and Blake Mills.

Final: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Scott Glazebrook, 3rd Daniel Golding, 4th Glen Mears, 5th Vaughan Manders, 6th Paul Robinson, 7th Rob Golding, 8th David Perry. DNF: Ryan Condren, Neville Lance, Lee Redmond, Chris Telenta, Alfonso Guadagnino, Jack Alfirevich, Philip Jeffreys.


Race 1: 1st Brad Ludlow, 2nd Jay Cardy, 3rd Matt Goodlad, 4th Phil Zuidema, 5th Michael Holmes 6th Jeremy Hale, 7th Cameron Waters. DNF: Craig Greentree and Ryan Ludlow.

Race 2: 1st Craig Vosbergen, 2nd Brad Blake, 3rd Jay Cardy, 4th Warren Oldfield, 5th Brad Ludlow, 6th Matt Goodlad, 7th Phil Zuidema, 8th Ben Ludlow, 9th Jamie Moon, 10th Jeremy Hale. DNF: Rob Galloway.

Race 3: 1st Craig Vosbergen, 2nd Michael Holmes, 3rd Warren Oldfield, 4th Brad Blake, 5th Jamie Moon, 6th Cameron Waters, 7th Ryan Ludlow, 8th Rob Galloway. DNF: Ben Ludlow.

Final: 1st Craig Vosbergen, 2nd Jay Cardy, 3rd Brad Blake, 4th Michael Holmes, 5th Warren Oldfield, 6th Matt Goodlad, 7th Brad Ludlow, 8th Cameron Waters, 9th Phil Zuidema, 10th Jamie Moon, 11th Rob Galloway. DNF: Jeremy Hale, Ben Ludlow, Ryan Ludlow. DNS: Craig Greentree.


Race 1: 1st Brock Boley, 2nd Jayden Meckenstock, 3rd Josh Fraser, 4th Caitlyn Staines, 5th Ryan Mitchell, 6th Cameron Alfirevich, 7th Mitchell Bosveld, 8th Alex Swift, 9th Mitchell Nelson, 10th Isaac Arnold. DNF: Chantelle Bate.

Race 2: 1st Josh Fraser, 2nd Jayden Meckenstock, 3rd Caitlyn Staines, 4th Ryan Mitchell, 5th Brock Boley, 6th Mitchell Bosveld, 7th Cameron Alfirevich, 8th Isaac Arnold, 9th Alex Swift. DNF: Mitchell Nelson.

Final: 1st Josh Fraser, 2nd Jayden Meckenstock, 3rd Brock Boley, 4th Caitlyn Staines, 5th Ryan Mitchell, 6th Mitchell Nelson, 7th Cameron Alfirevich, 8th Mitchell Bosveld, 9th Alex Swift, 10th Isaac Arnold, 11th Chantelle Bate.

Points: Josh Fraser 298, Jayden Meckenstock 297, Brock Boley 294, Caitlyn Staines 292, Ryan Mitchell 289, Cameron Alfirevich 283, Mitchell Bosveld 282, Alex Swift 277, Isaac Arnold 275, Mitchell Nelson 266 and Chantelle Bate 169.