Sandusky Speedway to Host King of the Wings Open Wheel Extravaganza With 38,000 Total Purse

sanduskyFrom Sandusky Speedway

Sandusky, OH (February 25, 2014) – It’s Back to the Future with Bio Based USA as they present the one and only Sandusky Speedway King of the Wings Open Wheel Extravaganza on Wednesday, July 16. This will be the very first major event in many years to feature both the Supermodifieds and Sprint Cars running together at Sandusky Speedway. It’s a one-time event showcasing the fastest short track racers in the country.

Officials have received several calls with suggestions including an hour long very informative session with a car owner. The concerns were how much to win, what’s the purse and let’s talk about that tire rule.

The answers are that the winner of this event won’t make as much as if he had won the Hi-Miler but it will be more than what an ISMA driver makes at a regular event. Here’s your purse: 1-$5000, 2-$3500, 3-$3000, 4-$2500, 5-$2000, 6-$1500, 7-$1250 and $1000 for 8th place back to 24th place.

The complete purse is rather stout due to the fact that if you make it to the feature you are guaranteed $1000. The only exception would be someone who decides to start and park the minute he gets the green. Remember this if you remember nothing else, unless you are involved in a major accident at the beginning of the race and can’t continue you must make at least five competitive laps to get paid anything.

Then there is the tire rule. One racer wanted to run American Racer tires. That answer is NO! The traditional tire for both Sprints and Supers is Hoosier and that isn’t changing. The whole idea is to keep costs down and buying eight tires for one race just doesn’t cut it. With that in mind there will be a four tire rule. Along with that the Supermodifieds will use the MSA tire rule which is the same as all the other sanctioning bodies running Supers. The Sprints will conform to either the Auto Value and/or Buckeye Super Sprint tire rules.

So let’s make this simple, there will be NO weight rule, no left side rule, no wing rule, no engine rule and the only tech inspection is for safety.

There will be practice on Tuesday evening July 15 with old tires and then qualifying, heat races and a fifty lap Feature Event on Wednesday with four new tires.

There is no fuel stop for a 50-lap race but if a major incident stops the show for a while the race will go red. Remember, any rule made must benefit the Supers and the Sprints equally.

There was a question about show-up money. Yes, not a lot but enough so you don’t go home broke. Remember, we pay with cash immediately after the show.

You can call Kevin Ruic at any time at 440-376-3919 to either ask a question or discuss a suggestion.