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Putnamville, IN – April 12, 2014 –  Hunter Schuerenberg was victorious in winning the 2014 presentation of Bill Gardner’s IndianaOpenWheel.Com  Racin” Fest at the Lincoln Park Speedway.  This version finished with the top three drivers running under racing’s proverbial blanket.   Schuerenberg would prevail at the finish line in a fast Mach1 sprint car with an engine that had been billowing smoke in exiting turn four during the last 10 laps of the 30 lap feature.

The victory was worth $4,000 to the Whiteland, IN, based HSN/Nolen Racing Team. The racing program was the season opening event for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series and the Lincoln Park Speedway.  The victory was MSCS career feature victory number seven for Schuerenberg which moves him up to fifth on the All Time Winner‘s List.

Jon Stanbrough and Casey Shuman were the two drivers pressuring Schuerenberg for the lead those final laps.  Stanbrough would finish second after starting eleventh.   Shuman would finish third and was athreat the entire race.  He led two laps before Schuerenberg retookthe lead.  Seth Parker finished fourth in a strong run.  RobertBallou worked his way up through the heart of the field to finish fifth.

Veteran Bill Rose led a second five to the stripe which included Chase Stockon, Thomas Meseraull, 2013 MSCS Rookie of the Year Bradley Sterrett, and Brian Hayden. Stockon took a provisional, started last, and improved 14 spots to become the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race.  Chad Boespflug was eleventh and received the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award.

Bill Rose and Kyle Cummins traded the lead lap after lap in the first of four exciting heat races. Cummins, A.J. Hopkins, Thomas Meseraull, and Jeff Bland Jr. would win those heats.  Thomas Meseraull earned the most passing points for the 34 drivers who competed.  With the top 16 drivers locked into the feature line-up the remaining 18 drivers lined up for the B Main and the last chance to make the feature.  Wes McIntyre won the B.  Daron Clayton raced up to place second in just 12 laps after starting fifteenth.

During the feature the red flag was only displayed once.  That was for an accident in turn two of lap 14  involving A.J. Hopkins and Kyle Cummins.  The Hopkins’ sprint was up-righted and taken to the pits.  Cummins was able to resume racing. There were also two caution periods.  The last was with just 4 laps to go.  Seventeen cars finished the feature and all seventeen were on the lead lap.  Nick Hale flipped in the B Main.

The next events on the schedule for the Midwest Sprint Car Series will occur on the weekend of April 26th and 27th.  MSCS will join USAC on Saturday night for the Spring Showdown at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN.  Then Sunday the series will travel up U.S. 41 to compete in a King of Indiana Sprints Series event at the Terre Haute Action Track.

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Lincoln Park Speedway – Putnamville, IN
April 12, 2014

Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series
(34 Entries)

First Heat : 3c Kyle Cummins, 6 Bill Rose, 2H Brian Hayden, 90 Bradley Sterrett, 15 Ethan Barrow, 10 Aric Gentry, 31 Matt Thompson, 4C Daylan Chambers, 02 Nick Hale

Second Heat:  14H A.J. Hopkins, 20N Hunter Schuerenberg, 38P Seth Parker, 23 Brian Karraker, 12 Robert Ballou, 32 Chase Stockon, 21 Carson Short, 85 Mike Terry Jr., 98 Brandon Morin

Third Heat:  41 Thomas Meseraull, 98 Chad Boespflug, 21K Casey Shuman, 83 Wes McIntyre, 11 James Lyerla, 76 Charlie Belden Jr., 29 Logan Jarrett, 3R Daron Clayton

Fourth Heat:  04 Jeff Bland Jr., 37RW Jon Stanbrough, 11P Brady Short, 28 Brandon Mattox, 15F Aaron Farney, 1C Kent Christian, 7F Ethan Fleetwood, 77 Hunter O’Neal

B Main:  83 McIntyre, 3R Clayton, 15F Farney, 28 Mattox, 21 C. Short, 1C Christian, 85 Terry, 98 Morin, 4C Chambers, 7F Fleetwood, 32 Stockon, 3 Karraker, 76 Belden, 31 Thompson, 10 Gentry, 77 O’Neal, 02 Hale, 29 Jarrett

Feature (30 Laps):  20N Schuerenberg, 37RW Stanbrough, 21K Shuman, 38P Parker, 12 Ballou, 6 Rose, 2H Hayden, 98 Boespflug, 15 Barrow, 15F Farney, 3C Cummins, 28 Mattox, 3R Clayton, 11 Lyerla, 83 McIntyre, 14H Hopkins, 04 Bland, 11P B. Short