Gastineau Slices Through Field For Victory

Whit Gastineau Phil Pace photo

John Lemon

Whit Gastineau Phil Pace photo
Whit Gastineau
Phil Pace photo

Oktaha Oklahoma (April 19, 2014) – Whit ‘Gasman’ Gastineau stormed through the field immediately to score his second straight win in as many nights of sprint car action on the Oil Capital Racing Series sprint car tour at the Outlaw Motorsports Park Saturday night. Starting 10th in a field of 20, Gastineau saw the field ahead of him split wide open as if Moses were parting the Red Sea and found himself in third position at the end of lap one. “I don’t know what everybody was doing. Some had one eye on the top and some had one eye on the bottom. I went in the middle first and I saw there was some moisture down low in turns one and two and when everyone drifted off the bottom, I just went underneath them and passed a bunch of cars,” exclaimed the driver of the Exterior Specialties / Shell Rapid Lube / Outlaw Wings / K&F Collision and Red Rock Racing Fuels Maxim powered by Larry Allen Racing Engines.

As the field was working the second lap, a red flag was quickly brought out when Fred Mattox went for a series of wild flips in turns three and four in his XXX sprinter. As the field was checking up behind Mattox, Brian Gramm climbed the wheel of Shayla Waddell’s Eagle and turned his machine over. Mattox by far sustained the most damage, which led him to be the D&E Supply Hard Luck driver of the night. Everyone checked out OK and racing action soon resumed with Brian McClelland leading.

Gastineau, who had already shredded the first seven cars in his wake, now set his targets on McClelland along with second placeholder and pole position starter, Nigel Calvert. Gastineau looked under Calvert in turn one of the restart but made the pass for second coming out of turn two as the cars screamed down the back stretch leaving only McClelland’s Black Mamba as prey number nine. Meanwhile, Danny ‘The Caretaker’ Smith, who started along side of the Gasman in row six, was starting to pick off some cars of his own in his Tire Factory / Same Day Auto Repair / DSO Engines / F5 Twister car as he was up to fifth by lap four.

Working lap five and with Gastineau all over McClelland’s rear end, McClelland banged an infield tire with his left front in turn two which caused his car to jack-up high in the air. Gastineau could not make the pass at that moment however, as the duo came sweeping through turn four to complete the fifth lap, Gastineau got a good run on the low side of the track and took the lead just as they were getting to the stripe.

Smith would find himself in third by the eighth lap with McClelland sandwiched in between driving the Precision Coatings / American Bacterial Solutions / XXX / Fode Engines sprinter. Nigel Calvert and Andrew Deal would battle lap after lap for the 4th and 5th spots while the front runners were looking to settle their differences. A red flag would be displayed on lap eleven when OCRS newcomer Ty Williams would flip his car in turn three, Williams would be OK. The restart would see Gastineau, McClelland, Smith, Deal, Calvert, outside front row starter Kade Morton, his brother Chance and Sheldon Barksdale, Robert Sellers and David Stephenson as the top ten running order.

Smith would take second away from McClelland by executing a high side pass in turn two on the restart. Sellers would maneuver by both Chance Morton and Barksdale for positions as well then take a position from Kade Morton a couple of laps later for the sixth spot. Gastineau would hold on for his 19th career OCRS main event triumph. Smith would settle for the runner-up spot for the second week in a row while McClelland held true to form to take the last spot on the podium. Deal and Calvert would round out the top five. “I felt like my car was the best one out there, I lost all my notes (from past races at OMP) but I pretty much knew what we were going to do with the car. I’m doing some different stuff (on chassis set ups) and its pretty much doing what it should.” Gastineau would also collect the Hard Charger Award for passing 9 cars from AmeriFlex Hose and Accessories.

The next stop for the OCRS traveling sprint car teams will be a return visit to the Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore OK next Saturday night, April 26th, to get in the event that was rained out on April 5th.  Those with ticket stubs and/or Pit Passes from that night can use them next Saturday.


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OCRS Race Results
April 19, 2014
Outlaw Motorsports Park / Oktaha, OK.

29 Cars


AmeriFlex Hose and Accessories Heat

1) Fred Mattox #26 / Mattox 26M [3]. 2) Andrew Deal / Cagle Motorsports 15D [6]. 3) Brian McClelland / Fode 87F [5]. 4) Perry Pickard / Pickard 78 [4]. 5) Denny Cothran / Cothran Racing 1x [7]. 6) Blake Edwards / Edwards 17E [2]. 7) Koby Barksdale / Barksdale/Johnson 5K [1]. 8) David Stephenson / Stephenson 22 (DNS).


Bob Hurley Auto Family Heat

1) Sheldon Barksdale / Barksdale 20S [2]. 2) Nigel Calvert  / Stephenson 16 [3]. 3) Danny Smith/ Same Day Auto Repair 5$ [6]. 4) Brian Long / Long Motorsports [5]. 5) Shayla Waddell / Waddell 88s [4] 6) Derek Cottrell / Cottrell 9 [7]. 7) Rob Hooper / Hooper 18 [1].


Drive Shafts Inc. Heat

1) Mickey Walker / Walker 2 [2]. 2) Chance Morton / Morton Racing 7M [6]. 3) Kade Morton / Morton Racing 8M [7]. 4) Brian Gramm / Gramm 3 [5]. 5) Frank Taft / Taft 22T [3]. 6) Alex DeCamp / DeCamp 84 [4]. 7) Michael Tyre / Tyre 11 [1].


Car and Fleet Parts Heat

1) Ty Williams / Elite Motorsports 1 [2]. 2) Whit Gastineau / Gastineau Racing 2W [5]. 3) Kyle Clark  / Same Day Auto Repair 9$ [3]. 4) Cody Cothran / Cothran Racing 22C [4]. 5) Robert Sellers / Coleman 4x [7]. 6) Dillon Ake / Ake Racing 101 [6]. 7) Cameron Hagin / Hagin Racing 5 [1].


Wesmar B-Feature (Top 8 transfer)
1) Robert Sellers / Coleman 4x [4]. 2) Cody Cothran / Cothran Racing 22C [6]. 3) Koby Barksdale / Barksdale/Johnson 5K [11]. 4) David Stephenson / Stephenson 22 [14]. 5) Perry Pickard / Pickard 78 [5]. 6) Shayla Waddell / Waddell 88s [7]. 7) Derek Cottrell / Cottrell 9 [9]. 8) Brian Gramm / Gramm 3 [3]. 9) Denny Cothran / Cothran Racing 1x [1]. 10) Frank Taft / Taft 22T [8]. 11) Michael Tyre / Tyre 11 [13]. 12) Brian Long / Long Motorsports [2]. 13) Rob Hooper / Hooper 18 [12]. 14) Dillon Ake / Ake Racing 101 [10]. 15) Cameron Hagin / Hagin Racing 5 DNS 16) Blake Edwards / Edwards 17E DNS. 17) Alex DeCamp / DeCamp 84 DNS.


1) Whit Gastineau / Gastineau Racing 2W [10]. 2) Danny Smith/ Same Day Auto Repair 5$ [11]. 3) Brian McClelland / Fode 87F [5]. 4) Andrew Deal / Cagle Motorsports 15D [9]. 5) Nigel Calvert / Stephenson 16 [1]. 6) Robert Sellers / Coleman 4x [13]. 7) Sheldon Barksdale / Barksdale 20S [8]. 8) Koby Barksdale / Barksdale/Johnson 5K [15]. 9) Cody Cothran / Cothran Racing 22C [12]. 10) Kade Morton / Morton Racing 8M [2]. 11) David Stephenson / Stephenson 22 [14]. 12) Chance Morton / Morton Racing 7M [3]. 13) Kyle Clark  / Same Day Auto Repair 9$ [7]. 14) Shayla Waddell / Waddell 88s [16]. 15) Ty Williams / Elite Motorsports 1 [4]. 16) Perry Pickard / Pickard 78 [17]. 17) Derek Cottrell / Cottrell 9 [19]. 18) Mickey Walker / Walker 2 [20]. 19) Fred Mattox #26 / Mattox 26M [6]. 20) Brian Gramm / Gramm 3 [18].


AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories Hard Charger: Whit Gastineau +9
D&E Supply Hard Luck Recipient: Fred Mattox