DeCamp Gets Second OCRS Victory Of 2014

Alex DeCamp Scores At Lawton Speedway. - Mike Spivey Photo
Alex DeCamp Scores At Lawton Speedway. - Mike Spivey Photo
Alex DeCamp Scores At Lawton Speedway. – Mike Spivey Photo

From John Lemon

Lawton, OK — (May 31, 2014) — It was East vs. West tonight as the Tulsa based Oil Capital Racing Series traveled southwest where Alex DeCamp scored an impressive win in the 30-lap sprint car A-Feature from a boastful field of 37 entrants on Lawton Speedway’s quarter mile red oval. For DeCamp, driving the Morton Excavating / Klint Pursley Trucking / Whitney Mfg. / STK Racing Engines / Eagle, it was his second OCRS win of the season.

“We had a good car all night and it was a hell of a race. I saw Kent (Johnny) and Sellers (Robert) a couple of times but I just kept running where the car was working good for me and it got the job done,” exclaimed the jubilant winner. “To have two wins already just feels great and hopefully there are more to come.”

When the feature took the green to start the race, the yellow quickly flew for the spun car of front row starter Brandon Long between turns one and two. Johnny Kent busted out into the lead from the pole on the complete restart and held the lead at the completion of the first lap however, DeCamp, who started in row two, would take over the position going down the back stretch on lap number two.

On lap eight, Lawton Speedway points leader Cody Cothran of Texas, who was battling in the top five, had retired to the pits with problems. One lap later, Brian McClelland had his mount go south on the front stretch. He was able to exit his car off the track without causing a yellow. DeCamp had started working traffic by lap 12 and at this time, he was followed by Kent, Robert Sellers, Gary Owens and Danny Smith, who had moved up from his seventh row starting position.

Another driver on the move was Shane Sellers who was piloting the Checkered Flag Trucking / Courtney Farms / Brand Engines / Maxim. Sellers had worked his way from seventh to fourth in just a couple of laps. While working the 17th lap, Koby Barksdale stopped on the high side of turn number four and a caution ensued. The next restart would see DeCamp, Kent, Robert Sellers, Gary Owens and Shane Sellers in order.

Shane Sellers, the Drive Shaft Inc. heat race winner, worked his way past Owens on the restart and within a couple of laps, A huge battle took place between Shane and his father Robert as the father as the duo would trade positions back-and-forth for the third position. On lap 22, there was contact between the cars of Andy Shouse and Nigel Calvert in turns one and two and this resulted in the next caution in the race as both stopped dead on the track.

Kent, who also took the AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories heat race, would have

problems on restart by hopping the cushion which allowed Robert Sellers to pass by. While this was taking place, Whit Gastineau, who started 17th, worked his way past Danny Smith, Owens, and Shane Sellers for the four spot. His charge to the front would be halted when he stopped at the flagstand positioned horizontally to the field and this would bring out the events last yellow flag.

The next couple laps saw Kent and Shane Sellers trade passes for the third position where Sellers would hold it for a good lap 26. DeCamp would go on to win by four car lengths over Robert Sellers, Shane Sellers, Kent and Owens. The balance of the top 10 would see Danny Smith sixth followed by Joe Bob Lee, Shouse, Andrew Deal, and Bob Hurley Auto Family heat winner, Kyle Ezell. Owens and Deal were victorious in dual Car & Fleet Parts heat races.

“It looked like the 55 car (Kent) got into the wall going down the front straight catching the green and when he did, it forced me down to the inside and it kind of actually worked out in our favor as the car got a pretty good bite and I was able to drive off turn two really well.,” explained Robert Sellers on his pass of Kent for the runner-up position. “We had no brakes from the early portion of the race till the end. It (the brake issue) has been a problem we have been fighting all year but we will take second and go on from here.”

From Shane Sellers: “My set up kind of came in at the very end of the race. I felt like I was one of the quickest cars on the track. These guys are good (OCRS drivers) and they come to win every week, you just have to use your head and go out there and drive hard. The car was really good so we have no complaints tonight.”

Kent spoke of his race experience this way, “I got the right rear (tire) a little heavy in the cushion and it wanted to yank the right front and it just drove me over the cushion and that was the end of that deal (fight for second). We were just off a little bit (on car set up). “I have to give a huge thanks to the guys at Wesmar Engines. They have given me a ton of support and assistance and I can’t thank them enough.”

The OCRS sprints will now take a siesta before returning to action in an open wheel doubleheader weekend event. June 13th will see the series visit the Monett Speedway in Monett Missouri on a Friday night followed by the second trip of the season to the Tri-State Speedway in Pocola Oklahoma where decamp will look to back up his win there on May 3rd.

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OCRS Race Results

Lawton Speedway / Lawton Ok

May 31, 2014

37 Cars

AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories Heat

1- Johnny Kent (#55 Kent) [2], 2- Brandon Long (#02 Long Motorsports) [1], 3- Brian McClelland (#87F Fode) [6] , 4- Koby Barksdale (#5k Barksdale/Johnson) [3], 5- Morgan Fletcher (#22m Fletcher) [4], 6- T.J. Honkomp (#76h Honkomp) [8], 7- Cameron Hagin (#5 Hagin Racing) [5], 8- Shayla Waddell (#88s Waddell) [7].

Bob Hurley Auto Family Heat

1- Kyle Ezell (#10k Edwards) [2], 2- Alex DeCamp (#84 DeCamp) [4], 3- Joe Bob Lee (#5L Lee Motorsports) [8], 4- Kade Morton (#8m Morton) [3], 5- Whit Gastineau (#2w Gastineau Racing) [6], 6- Denny Cothran (#1 Cothran Motorsports) [5], 7- Mike Huard (#01 Ragsdale) [7], 8- Kyle Clark (#9$ Same Day Auto Repair) [1].

Drive Shafts Inc. Heat

1- Shane Sellers (#4 Coleman) [5], 2- Nigel Calvert (#16 Stephenson) [2], 3- Andy Shouse (#27 Shouse Motorsports) [4], 4- Shawn Bloomquist (#14 Bloomquist) [6], 5- Frank Dittman (#83 Bailey) [7], 6- David Stephenson (#22 Stephenson) [3], 7- Cord Dodson (#7 Dodson) [1].

Car & Fleet Parts Heat (#1)

1- Gary Owens (#33 Owens) [2], 2- Cody Cothran (22c Cothran Racing) [3], 3- Danny Smith (#5$ Same Day Auto Repair) [4], 4- Chance Morton (#7m Morton) [5], 5- Tyler Cothran (#21c Cothran Racing) [6], 6- Casey Wills (#31 Wills) [7], 7- Darrell McGuire (#F5 McGuire) [1].

Car & Fleet Parts Heat (#2)

1- Andrew Deal (#15d Cagle Motorsports) [2], 2- Robert Sellers (#4x Coleman) [5], 3- Chad Koch (#35k Koch) [3], 4- T.J. Herrell (#24 Herrell) [6], 5- Perry Pickard (# P78 Pickard) [4], 6- Nick Bates (#11 Bates) [2], 7- Jeff Garnett (#3g Garnett) [7].

Wesmar B-Feature #1 (Top four transfer)
1- Andy Shouse [12], 2- Chad Koch [10], 3- Whit Gastineau [7], 4- Casey Wills [4], 5- Chance Morton [2], 6- David Stephenson [5], 7- Cameron Hagin [1], 8- Kade Morton [3], 9- Morgan Fletcher [9], 10, Jeff Garnett [13], 11- Shawn Bloomquist [11], 12- Kyle Clark [8], 13- Cord Dodson [6].

Wesmar B-Feature #2 (Top four transfer)
1- Danny Smith [1], 2- Koby Barksdale [4], 3- Tyler Cothran [6], 4- T.J. Herrell [2], 5- Shayla Waddell [12], 6- T.J. Honkomp [5], 7- Nick Bates [9], 8- Perry Pickard [7], 9- Mike Huard [10], 10, Darrell McGuire [11], 11- Frank Dittman [3], 12- Denny Cothran [8].

OCRS A-Feature (30 Laps)

1- Alex DeCamp [4], 2- Robert Sellers [3], 3-Shane Sellers [7], 4- Johnny Kent [1], 5- Gary Owens [9], 6- Danny Smith [14], 7- Joe Bob Lee [12], 8- Andy Shouse [13], 9- Andrew Deal [10], 10- Kyle Ezell [11], 11- Tyler Cothran [18]. 12- Brandon Long [2], 13- Whit Gastineau [17], 14- Nigel Calvert [5], 15- Casey Wills [19], 16- T.J. Herrell [20], 17- Chad Koch [15], 18- Koby Barksdale [16], 19- Brian McClelland [8], 20- Cody Cothran (6).

AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories Hard Charger: Danny Smith +8

D&E Supply Hard Luck Recipient: Brian McClelland