Weir Wins MTS Feature at Waynesfield

Scotty Weir with his team in victory lane on Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park. - Jan Dunlap Photo
Scotty Weir with his team in victory lane on Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park. - Jan Dunlap Photo
Scotty Weir with his team in victory lane on Saturday night at Waynesfield Raceway Park. – Jan Dunlap Photo

From Wayensfield Raceway Park

Waynesfield, OH — (August 11, 2014) — Clear blue skies was a welcoming sight at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio after mother nature toyed with the 1/3rd mile in previous weeks. Coming off the Jack Hewitt classic, non wing drivers were presented with yet another opportunity to take bragging race and show the traveling boys whose track it truly is. Jack Hewitt was once again on hand with his two-seat sprint car giving race fans the ride of their life trailing the A-main field in the opening laps. With the super moon overhead, racing under the lights seemed to be extra exciting on Richmond Gear night at the races.

The premiere event of the night featured a showdown between the local Buckeye Machine Non Wing sprints and the invading competitors of the Lane Automotive MTS sprints from Michigan. Top runners in the MTS traveling series were on hand for their chance to take the Waynesfield trophy and Richmond Gear prize pack back with them north. Thirty seven cars eventually signed in for the state rivalry with only twenty scheduled to take the green flag. The night started on a rough note when the 1H of Kevin Hawk tumbled end over end down the backstretch during warmups. Hawk was removed from the vehicle alert and talking with safety personnel. For his safety, Hawk was transported by ground to the hospital for a further evaluation. At the time of this release, no further information is known. All updates on his condition will be made available on the WRP website. Track management ask for everyone to send prayers to Hawk and his family during this difficult time.

In B-main action, Tyler Hewitt and Adam Cruea came away with transfer spots in the first B-main. Luke Hall and Mike Miller were able to do the same in the second B-main determining the starting field for the 25 lap Ohio vs Michigan feature. The 12 of Kent Wolters and the 23S of Kyle Simon led the field to the green flag with Scott Weir and Joss Moffatt looking on from row two. At the drop of the green flag, cars began to scatter all over the racing surface showing fans how exciting the race would be early on in the event. Kyle Simon led the opening lap with Wolters, Weir, and Moffatt closely behind. Those drivers got so close taking the field three wide out of turn four for the lead. The battle for the lead continued into turn one with no one letting the lead get away from them. Moffatt had his taste of the lead following the three way scuffle. Moffat lead the field until the yellow flew with just three laps in the books for the 53 of Steve Little. Littleā€™s car came to stop on the top side of turn two prompting the caution. On the restart, the top four once again took the battle for the lead seriously and formed another cluster of cars all going for the lead. This run would not be as excited as the battle remained two wide. Cars came to a screeching halt near the halfway point with the 69R of Adam Cruea, who raced his way in through the B-main, flipped down the front stretch. Cruea climbed out from behind the wheel under his own power and walked back to the pits. During the cleanup, Tyler Hewitt elected to head to the hot pit to make repairs. He rejoined the rear of the field on the restart. With laps winding down, Scotty Weir made his run for the lead. Lap 21 was the money lap for Weir as Moffatt got caught up with lap traffic on the cushion. Weir put the 18S on the bottom sliding right by the 5J claiming the lead. Scotty Weir would go on to take the win. Moffatt finished in second with Mike Dunlap finishing third after making a late race run. The magic man Mike Miller picked up the hard charger award advancing double digits in the A-main.