Reeser Wins 305 Feature During Candy Bowl at Susquehanna

ssp susquehanna Speedway Park
ssp susquehanna Speedway Park

From SSP

Susquehanna, PA — (October 25, 2014) – Tyler Reeser grabbed the early lead in the 20-lap PA Sprint Car feature event. Ken Duke fell into the runner-up spot behind Reeser. As the pair set the pace at the front, Michael Kiser began making a charge to the front. For many laps Kiser battled Adam Carberry for the third spot. At the end, Reeser took the win over Duke. Kiser finished ahead of Carberry to claim third. Phillip Meisner rounded out the top five. Carbery and Reigle were both heat race winners.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Tyler Reeser; 2. Ken Duke; 3. Michael Kiser; 4. Adam Carberry; 5. Phillip Meisner; 6. Geoff Gill; 7. William Reigle; 8. Clair Wintermyer; 9. Ryan Stillwagon; 10. Dalton Dietrich; DNS – Donnie Hendershot.


HEAT RACE WINNERS: Carberry and Reigle.