Hickle wins opener for the Summer Thunder Series

Summer Thunder Sprint Series stss

From Kaleb Hart

Yakima, WA — (April 4, 2015) — Sprint car racing has officially kicked off in the state of Washington in 2015, and after the dust settled on Saturday night, Quilcene, WA driver JJ Hickle stood triumphant in victory lane at Central Washington State Fair Raceway with the Summer Thunder Sprintcar Series presented by Here 2 Wire and Finishline Graphics.

Evan Margeson and Hickle led the 22 car field down to the green flag for the 25 lap A Main, with Margeson getting the initial jump into turn one. Hickle stalked Margeson over the first seven circuits, looking for a lane around or under the reigning Grays Harbor Raceway track champion. JJ, himself a GHR champ in 2013, saw his opportunity pop up on the inside groove of turns one and two on lap 8. After closing to with a car length at the exit of turn four, Hickle put both left front and left rear tires up onto the apron and pulled even with Margeson at the exit of the corner. Rocketing down the back stretch, Hickle nosed ahead into turn 3 and completed the race winning pass on the exit of turn 4. From there, Hickle stretched his advantage to over a full straightaway before crossing under the checkered flag to pick up the $3,000 winner’s check. Margeson and quick qualifier Jason Solwold waged a battle for second place over the waning laps, with Solwold emerging second and Margeson taking third. 31 sprint cars signed in for competition at the big ½ mile, with Solwold setting quick time at 15.689 seconds late in the session. Skylar Gee, Joe Ramaker and Logan Forler won heat races. Tayler Malsam was the b feature winner and Eric Fisher won the last chance race.

Feature: 1. 3 – J.J. Hickle, 2. 19 – Jason Solwold, 3. 50 – Evan Margeson, 4. 7n – Jared Peterson, 5. 55 – Trey Starks, 6. 33 – Colton Heath, 7. 9R – Reece Goetz, 8. 99 – Skylar Gee, 9. 12 – Jared Ridge, 10. 22 – Brock Lemley, 11. 2L – Logan Forler, 12. 33V – Henry VanDam, 13. 21 – Robbie Price, 14. 17 – Cam Smith, 15. 96 – Greg Hamilton, 16. 36 – Chris Schmelze, 17. 56 – Justin Youngquist, 19. – Taylor Malsam, 20. 08 – Steve Vague, 21. 21T – Kyle Miller, 22. 98R – Joe Ramaker