Hibbard wins at Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove Speedway

Cottage Grove, OR — (April 18, 2015) — David Hibbard won the Northwest Extreme Sprint Car Series feature Saturday night at Cottage Grove Speedway.

Race Summary
Cottage Grove Area Chamber Of Commerce Night
Saturday April 18th, 2015
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Clark Printing Extreme Sprints
A Feature: 1. 3-David Hibbard; 2. 71-Colby Carter; 3. 12-Orion Redmond; 4. 5D-Patrick Dills; 5. 3K-Michael (Buddy) Kofoid; 6. 85-Ricky Ashley; 7. 21-Mike Griffith; 8. 28-Mark Herz; 9. 10K-Don Waddell; 10. 57-Dusty Redmond; 11. 70-Raquel Ivie; 12. 77-Brian Lemmon