Champions Crowned at 2015 Knoxville Raceway Championship Cup Series Banquet!

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By Bill WKnoxville Raceway Top Story

November 21, 2015 – Nearly $300,000 in cash and contingencies were handed out Saturday night, November 21 at the 2015 Knoxville Raceway Championship Cup Series Banquet! The event, held at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona, Iowa played host to 700 attendees.
The contingency package was headlined by a giveaway of eight chassis. Each owner in all three sprint car classes was awarded a contingency (see prize list with winners below). The Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization (KRCO) again will provide insurance for all 2015 Knoxville point eligible drivers next season for wherever they may race. The KRCO will also provide each driver a $600 gift certificate to Simpson Racing Products.


After dinner, Promoter John McCoy and new Marketing Director Kendra Jacobs addressed the attendees. In addition to the thanks doled out to those who make Knoxville Raceway what it is, both expressed their excitement for the 2016 season and beyond.

Drivers and owners outside of the top five in each of the three respective classes received their accolades.

The “Jr. Fan Club Drivers of the Year” were announced. Davey Heskin (410), Joe Beaver (360) and McKenna Haase (305) won in each class. Beaver and Haase won their awards for the second year in a row. Young fans, Marquis Bone and Calli Landis were honored as the “Jr. Fan Club Members of the Year”.

Mike Roberts presented the “Fan of the Year Award” to long-time Knoxville Raceway supporters Bruce and Kay Wood.

“Owner of the Year” Awards went out to the Shelton Painting #71c (305), the Van Haaften Motorsports #3 (360) and the Big Game Motorsports #2 (410). “Team of the Year” Awards went to the Shelton Painting #71c (305), the Goodno Promotion #22 (360) and the BDS Motorsports #1 (410).

Bob Baker, the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Executive Director, presented the “Heritage Award” to longtime sprint car contributors Alan and Jo Ver Steeg. Alan has served on the Marion County Fair Board for many years.

The “Lyle Boyd Hard Charger Award” awards the drivers who passed the most cars in A main events this season. Stacey Alexander received the award in the 305 class, with Joe Beaver (360), and Dusty Zomer (410) receiving the award in their respective classes.

Lynton Jeffrey was named the “Sportsman of the Year” in the 410 class, while Calvin Landis picked up the honor in the 360 class. Rookie, Trevor Smith, won the award in the 305 class. Christian Bowman (305), Ryan Grimes (360), and Tim Kaedings (410) were named “Rookie of the Year” in their respective classes.

The big hardware went out last to the top five drivers and owners in the point standings. In the 305 class, Brad Comegys (5th), McKenna Haase (4th), Christian Bowman (3rd), Devin Kline (2nd) and Stacey Alexander (champion) were honored in the driver category, while the D&D Motorsports #76 (5th), the Team Haase Racing #55M (4th), the Christian Bowman #15 (3rd), the White Lightning Motorsports #5J (2nd), and the Shelton Painting #71c (champion) received their owner awards.

In the 360 class, Tony Shilling (5th), Matt Moro (4th), Joe Beaver (3rd), Nate Van Haaften (2nd) and Clint Garner (champion) were honored in the driver category, while the Matt Moro #2m (5th), the Beaver Motorsports #53 (4th), the Van Haaften Racing #3 (3rd), the Boyd & Glenda Fluth #40 (2nd), and the BDS Motorsports #1 (champion) received owner awards.

In the 410 class, Brian Brown (5th), Ian Madsen (4th), Terry McCarl (3rd), Justin Henderson (2nd) and Danny Lasoski (champion) were drivers honored, while owner awards went to the Brian Brown Racing #21 (5th), the KCP Racing #18 (4th), the TMAC Motorsports #24 (3rd), the BDS Motorsports #1 (2nd) and the Big Game Motorsports #2 (champion).

Contingencies were handed out as a finale, and for the fourth year in a row, were done by draw in front of the banquet crowd of around 600. Chassis winners included Mike Mayberry (GF1) in the 305 class, Mastell Motorsports #27 (Eagle) and Mike Houseman Jr. (J&J) in the 360 class, and BDS Motorsports #1 (Eagle), Larry Ball Jr. (Maxim), Tasker Phillips (Maxim), Josh Schneiderman (J&J) and Lynton Jeffrey (GF1) in the 410 class.

Contingency Winners by Draw (presented to owners)…


305 Class:
GF1 Chassis: Matthew Stelzer

Vortex Wing: Trevor Smith, Don Dawson III, McKenna Haase, Chris Walraven, Mitchell Alexander, Christian Bowman, Jeff Wilke, Mike Mayberry, Tanner Edwards

HRP Wing: Rob Weuve, Stacey Alexander, Devin Kline, Kevin Hiemstra, Brad Comegys

Winters Front End Kit: Lee Patterson, Josh Jones

FSR Radiator and Schoenfeld Headers: Cody Ambers

VSE Shock Set: Kevin Hetrick


360 Class:


GF1 Chassis: Jamie Ball

Eagle Chassis: Matt Moro

Vortex Wing: Tom Lenz, Jon Agan, Justin Henderson, Alan Zoutte

Winters Front End Kit: Clint Garner, Russ Hall, Tony Shilling, Keoni Texeira

Kinser Fuel Pump and FSR Radiator: Sawyer Phillips

VSE Shock Set: Nate Van Haaften, Ricky Montgomery, John Anderson

Waterman Fuel Pump and Schoenfeld Headers: Joe Beaver

Winters Rear End: Ryan Grimes


410 Class:


Eagle Chassis: Tasker Phillips

Maxim Chassis: Bob Weuve

J&J Chassis: Davey Heskin

J&J Chassis: Ian Madsen

Maxim Chassis: TKS Motorsports #2KS

Winters Rear End: Bruce Williams #7R, Dustin Selvage, Bronson Maeschen, Josh Schneiderman, Lynton Jeffrey

Ti64 Bolt Kit: Justin Henderson, Dusty Zomer, Dakota Hendrickson

Kinser Fuel Pump and BMRS Line Kit: Chris Martin

Gen2 KSE Power Steering Gear: Brooke Tatnell, RJ Johnson

Set of All Pro Cylinder Heads: AJ Moeller

Weld Wheel Set: Terry McCarl

BMRS Line Kit and FSR Radiator: Danny Lasoski

Waterman Fuel Pump and BMRS Line Kit: Austin McCarl