OCRS announces Amer-Flex Challenge

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From John Lemon

Tulsa, OK — (December 9, 2015) — The Ameri-Flex / OCRS sprint car series will hold the first ever “Ameri-Flex Challenge” race in 2016. The Ameri-Flex Challenge will be a dash style race that will feature 14 cars for 15 laps with the winner earning $5000!
The balance of the field will receive cash and/or product for their finishing positions. The Ameri-Flex / OCRS series will announce those awards and their value per position at a later date.

The Ameri-Flex Challenge race will be held near the end of the 2016 racing season. The venue and date will be announced in the near future once the schedule for the season is fully established. “This is a program that is simply outstanding,” stated series owner Barry Grabel. “This is a fantastic way to further award those teams that support the series beyond the other means of how we support them now. Corvan Robison just continues to amaze us with his support and we are confident the racing community will support back when they are in need of Ameri-Flex’s products and services.”

To enter the Ameri-Flex / Challenge race, teams must qualify throughout the season to earn their way into the Ameri-Flex Challenge race. Weekly updates on their progress to qualify will be announced. Teams qualify by these methods:

Championship points, as earned by the drivers towards the Ameri-Flex / OCRS series championship, will also be awarded to the “Car Owners” for each officially registered car that competes in the series. The top 12 car owners in car owner points that have participated in at least 75% of the scheduled events by the day the Ameri-Flex Challenge race is held are locked into the Ameri-Flex Challenge field.

If for any reason there are not 12 car owners with at least 75% participation, the balance of the “lock-in positions” will be made up of those car owners with 70% participation, then 65% and so on if necessary. As the title sponsor, Ameri-Flex will have two additional selections to place into the field.

For the driver that desires to compete in the Ameri-Flex Challenge, he or she must have competed in at least 40% of the scheduled events in order to participate in the Ameri-Flex Challenge. The line up for the 14 starters will be determined by a draw with the number one pill on the pole, number two pill outside pole and so on. Additional details will be forthcoming as the 2016 season nears a beginning.