Washington Midget Racing Association Readies For 69th Season Of Racing

Washington Midget Racing Assoc
Washington Midget Racing Assoc
Washington Midget Racing Assoc

By Ben Deatherage

Spanaway, Washington- Midget racing has a long and storied history in the United States.  Traces can be found as far back as the inter-war days of the 1930’s from tracks all over the country.  Sadly, many of these organizations have vanished throughout the decades.  However, one such organization can boast that they are still around and racing to this day.  The organization is the Washington Midget Racing Association or WMRA for short.


The WMRA has produced some memorable races and legendary names throughout the long and storied history of the organization, going as far back as 1945.  Names like Shorty Templeman, Bob Gregg, Ken Peterson, Palmer Crowell, John Starks, Rick Moss, and Mike Bliss have been able to hoist the champion’s crown on high over multiple seasons.  In fact, current defending champ Tony Seidelman is looking to make to make history and win his sixth consecutive WMRA title.  Shorty Templeman (1949-53), Rick Moss (1993-97), and Seidelman (2011-15) hold the record for five championships in a row while overall Rick Moss has recorded the most titles with ten.


The 2016 racing schedule will feature the series visiting four different facilities in the state of Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia.  A total of nine dates are on tap for the upcoming campaign that should really be one action packed event after the other.


“I think this year is going to be really great,” commented Tony Seidelman, Vice President of the WMRA, “there are going to be some new drivers apart of the series that have never been on asphalt before. It’s great that there is an interest from new people in this deal and it will make it even better in the years to come.”


The season opens up on April 23rd in central Washington at Ephrata Raceway Park for the only visit at the facility.  Agassiz Speedway, British Columbia, will host the WMRA three times including May 14th, June 11th, and September 10th.  Another track the tour will frequent on a regular basis is Tenino, Washington’s South Sound Speedway where May 28th, June 25th, July 9th, and September 24th will be the scheduled dates.  The other facility on the calendar is one visit to the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval on August 27th in central Washington.


For the latest news and information log on to www.wmraracing.wix.com/wmra .  Also follow he Washington Midget Racing Association via Facebook by clicking “Like” on their page to follow them on your favorite mobile devices.



April 23rd-Ephrata Raceway Park-Ephrata, Washington

May 14th-Agassiz Speedway-Agassiz, British Columbia

May 28th-South Sound Speedway-Tenino, Washington

June 11th-Agassiz Speedway-Agassiz, British Columbia

June 25th-South Sound Speedway-Tenino, Washington

July 9th-South Sound Speedway-Tenino, Washington

August 27th-Wenatchee Valley Super Oval-Wenatchee, Washington

September 10th-Agassiz Speedway-Agassiz, British Columbia

September 24th-South Sound Speedway-Tenino, Washington



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1945- Allen Heath

1946- Chick Barbo

1947- Allen Heath

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1950- Shorty Templeman

1951- Shorty Templeman

1952- Shorty Templeman

1953- Shorty Templeman

1954- Mel McGaughy

1955- Mel McGaughy

1956- Pogo Lundquist

1957- Bob Gregg

1958- Bob Gregg

1959- Palmer Crowell

1960- Bob Gregg

1961- Palmer Crowell

1962- Bob Gregg

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1964- Ken Petersen

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1972- Ken Petersen

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1994- Rick Moss

1995- Rick Moss

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1997- Rick Moss

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