Aaron Fry New Owner of FAST Sprint Car Series

From Brian Liskai

FREMONT, Ohio (October 5, 2018) – When the FAST 410 Championship Series embarks on it’s 11th season in 2019 it will do so under new ownership. Aaron Fry, who created the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) in 2011, has assumed ownership of the FAST organization.

FAST began in 2009 under Bryan Autullo, Scott Porter and Chris Kettman, sprint car fans who wanted to bring more recognition and funds to the teams that raced weekly at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway – thus the FAST acronym stood for Fremont Attica Sprint Title. Fremont Speedway Promoter Rich Farmer took over the FAST series in 2014 and expanded it to include a few other tracks and changed the name to simply FAST Championship Series.

“I have always had a very good working relationship with Aaron and the BOSS series. They have always lived up to their promises and Aaron has the same goal as I have had….to do what’s best for the sport of sprint car racing. BOSS and FAST are both series for the working man. Aaron and his team will continue the great progress we’ve made with FAST.”

“I want to thank Paul Kistler and Kistler Racing Products for throwing his support behind the creation of FAST and for Bob Williams of All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads who continued that support the past couple of years and every one of the fantastic marketing partners who made the series work. I also want to thank all the teams, tracks and fans for their support of FAST over the past 10 years,” added Farmer.

Farmer recently announced he was stepping away as the promoter of Fremont Speedway after 11 years at the wheel of “The Track That Action Built” citing increasing time demands for his growing businesses which include six NAPA Auto Parts stores, a limousine and party bus company and a real estate company. That prompted his discussions with Fry to take over FAST.

“I’m honored to be chosen by Rich to carry on the FAST name and we plan to do our best to make him, the marketing partners and the teams proud to be associated with BOSS/FAST,” Fry said.

BOSS has been and will continue in 2019 to be a non-wing sprint car series since its inception. Fry added three winged BOSS events in 2018 as a test which proved to be highly successful with 27 cars at Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio; 26 cars at Gas City Speedway in Gas City, Indiana; and 29 cars at Montpelier Motor Speedway in Montpelier, Indiana.

“We recognize the great tradition of winged sprint car racing in the Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania region. When we created BOSS we did so to give more racers the option to compete. BOSS has grown every year in terms of the number of competitors and tracks and it only made sense to take a look at a regional winged series,” said Fry, who is a former winged sprint car driver.

Fry said he will keep the FAST Championship Series name. “It’s grown to be a recognizable name with great marketing partners and teams….we have no plans to change that,” he said.

Fry said he is aiming for 20-25 FAST Championship Series events in 2019 targeting tracks in all of Ohio, Eastern Indiana and possibly a swing through Pennsylvania. He said the BOSS non-wing series will once again plan 20-25 races as well in the same regions.

“We will work with Rich and the existing marketing partners and we plan to have a FAST point fund for at least the top 10 teams depending on how much sponsorship is obtained,” Fry said.

“With the three winged races BOSS held this past year we have gotten a lot of inquiries from tracks and joining forces now with FAST will open that up to more possibilities. We will, however, stick to the core of BOSS and FAST and that’s to have a series for the weekend racers. Our goal is to keep this fun for the race teams and fans,” Fry added.

As for the JLH General Contractor FAST 305 Championship Series, Farmer said he is contemplating it’s future and no decision has yet to be made.

Those who are seeking additional information regarding the FAST Championship Series or BOSS series can contact Fry at 740-703-3768.

FAST 410 Championship Series Champions:
2009-Craig Mintz
2010-Byron Reed
2011-Bryan Sebetto
2012-Bryan Sebetto
2013-Craig Mintz
2014-Byron Reed
2015-Byron Reed
2016-Byron Reed
2017-DJ Foos
2018-Craig Mintz

BOSS Champions:
2012-Dustin Smith
2013-Tony Beaber
2014-Mike Miller
2015-Shawn Westerfeld
2016-Shawn Westerfeld
2017-Dustin Smith
2018-Final point race is Oct. 13