Shane Cockrum Takes Gas City Win

Shane Cockrum. (Bill Miller photo)

Gas City I-69 Speedway: (9-6-19)-Shane Cockrum won the green to checker 25 lap feature at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night on a breezy chilly evening after battling with three other drivers.

Dustin Ingle sat on the pole with Ty Tilton along side at the green flag. Ingle took the lead early and soon had company with 6th starting Cockrum, Tilton and 5th starting Scotty Weir in the 39x all moving up to vie for the top spot. This foursome were swapping positions for several laps with Cockrum coming out on top.

At the half way mark, Cockrum had widened his advantage some but was about to encounter heavy traffic as Thomas Meseraull had come out of the shadows to join the fun racing hard with Weir. Then it was Cockrum and Tmez swapping places as laps were winding down.

Cockrum eventually took command over Weir with Meseraull dropping back. At the checkers it was Shane Cockrum over Scotty Weir,Dustin Ingle,Dallas Hewitt and Matt Westfall.

Heats for the 33 cars on hand were won by JJ Hughes, Cockrum, Weir and Meseraull. B mains went o Tyler Kendall and Cole Ketcham.

1. Shane Cockrum
2. Scotty Weir
3. Dustin Ingle
4. Dallas Hewitt
5. Matt Westfall
6. Thomas Meseraull
7. Brandon Mattox
8. Sterling Cling
9. JJ Hughes
10. Cole Ketcham
11. Dustin Smith
13. Ty Tilton
14. Tyler Kendall
15. Tony Main
16. Anthony D’Alessio
17. Adam Byrkett
18. Cody White
19. Mike Miller
20. Evan Mosley