Peterson Outruns the Rain for Victory at Cedar Lake

Brad Peterson. (UMSS Photo)

From Kris McMartin

NEW RICHMOND, WI (June 6, 2020) — Brad Peterson picked up the Pirtek Traditional Sprint Car Series Saturday night a Cedar Lake Speedway. Peterson topped an 18 car field during the non-stop, 20-lap affair.

Peterson would take the early lead from the pole while the Bowers moved quickly up through the field into the second spot. Scott Brandt also quickly moved through the field marching his way forward from the 12th starting position.

With the you could throw a blanket over the race for fourth with Schafer up top and Kouba, Stordahl, Hanson and Lewerer all vying for position. Even in lap traffic Peterson would hold on for the win with Bowers, Roach, Brandt, and Lewerer rounding out the top five.

Peterson and Bowers won the heat race events.

Mother Nature claimed the UMSS Winged Sprint Car Series feature.

UMSS Winged Sprint Car Series

Heat Race #1 (10 Laps)
1. 1-Rick Kobs[6]
2. 33S-Jeremy Schultz[2]
3. 34-Denny Stordahl[1]
4. 22-Mike Mueller[7]
5. 13-Patrick Heikkinen[8]
6. 3-Ryan Johnson[10]
7. 11-Dalyn Cody[3]
8. 2V-Chris Vogel[9]
9. 19-Jack Berger[5]
10. K1-Kevin Lear[4]

Heat Race #2 (10 Laps)
1. 7-Harry Hanson[2]
2. 71-Bob McVitty[1]
3. 95-Kevin Bradwell[6]
4. 61-Jeff Kirchner[4]
5. 33-Leah Steahl[5]
6. 80-Nathan Showalter[10]
7. 65-DJ Vadnais[8]
8. 88-Nolan Herd[9]
9. 7D-Dave Becker[7]
10. 7K-Karlee Becker[3]

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