Clouser Goes Back-To-Back With the POWRi WAR Sprint Car League at Wheatland

Mario Clouser. (Mark Funderburk photo)

From POWRi

WHEATLAND, MO (September 18, 2020) — Fresh off the great racing action of the previous night the POWRi Lucas Oil Wingless Auto Racing League would again flood the pits of Lucas Oil Speedway for Night Two of the Tenth Annual Jesse Hockett Daniel McMillin Memorial with 59 entrants logging in to do battle at the “Diamond of the Dirt Tracks” in Wheatland Missouri. After a litany of early on-track feats, Mario Clouser would again find the fastest route around the raceway, earning the feature victory on the night.

Setting the top time in the hot-lap sessions with a 15.195 second lap time Riley Kreisel would appear to be in fine form for the evening early. Six heat races were required with Terry Richards, Casey Shuman, Jack Wagner, Wyatt Burks, Landon Simon, and Garret Aitken all earning the early wins. As the top forty in passing points from the heat races would move into four qualifiers; Wyatt Burks, Riley Kreisel, Anthony Nicholson, and Garrett Aitken would each win their qualifiers. The top sixteen in passing points would lock-in to the feature event with the remaining field falling into three semi-feature events. B-Feature action would be won by Brian Beebe, Wesley Smith, and RJ Johnson with the top-two finishers from each advancing on into the twenty-five-lap main event for Night Two of the 10th Annual Jesse Hockett Daniel McMillin Memorial.

Earning the high-point qualifier award and a pole starting position for the second night in a row #32 Garrett Aitken would be flanked on the front row by #5c Colten Cottle leading the field to the initial launch at the green-flag start. Colten Cottle would take the most speed entering the first corner, cruising to the point for the opening lap. With Cottle leading the pack the laps would tick away caution-free for the first fifteen revolutions.

As a mid-race caution bunched the field back up on the restart, the previous night’s winner Mario Clouser #6 would make his way through the pack from a fifth starting spot to grab the lead from Cottle using an inside line maneuver. Clouser would lead the remaining laps without problems earning his second feature victory in as many nights, claiming his third POWRi WAR feature victory of the season. Casey Shuman #24 would show no signs of any rust behind the wheel, with an outstanding runner-up finish. Garrett Aitken would be in mix upfront all event rounding out the podium placements. One-time leader Cottle would finish out the event in fourth place as a late surging #11w Wyatt Burks would fly into finishing fifth.

Heading into the final night of the Tenth Annual Jesse Hockett Daniel McMillin Memorial at Lucas Oil Speedway, the top eight competitors from the previous two nights finishing positions points combined will be locked into the feature event with every other driver having to earn their way in the event through either qualifier racing or semi-feature competitions. Drivers locked in and starting in the first four rows will be #6 Mario Clouser, #32 Garrett Aitken, 11w Wyatt Burks, #24x Casey Shuman, #31 Joe B Miller, #37 Brian Beebe, #16 Anthony Nicholson, and #91 Riley Kreisel.

Hockett/McMillin Memorial
POWRi National Midget League
Lucas Oil Speedway
Wheatland, Missouri
Friday September 18, 2020

Schure Built Suspensions Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 18-Terry Richards[4]
2. 2K-Kyle Lewis[2]
3. 22S-Slater Helt[8]
4. 5D-Zach Daum[10]
5. 27-Steve Thomas[3]
6. 1-Paul White[7]
7. 57-Chase Parson[9]
8. 90W-Dan Wohnoutka[1]
9. 41-Brad Wyatt[6]
10. 54-Trey Gropp[5]

Auto Meter Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 24X-Casey Shuman[4]
2. 6-Mario Clouser[5]
3. 33M-Matt Westfall[3]
4. 7JR-JD Black[6]
5. 31-Joe B Miller[9]
6. 26B-Nick Rasa[1]
7. 15-Jeremy Jonas[8]
8. 66M-Max Grogan[7]
9. 21C-Chris Desselle[10]
10. 2-Jason Billups[2]

KSE Racing Products Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 77-Jack Wagner[4]
2. 311-Quinton Benson[7]
3. 42-Warren Johnson[2]
4. 1ST-Lane Stone[8]
5. 37-Brian Beebe[5]
6. 73-Samuel Wagner[1]
7. 90-Patrick Budde[6]
8. 7S-Wade Seiler[10]
9. 48-Nathan Moore[9]
10. 97-Kevin Cummings[3]

Advanced Racing Suspensions Heat Race #4 (8 Laps)
1. 11W-Wyatt Burks[1]
2. 44-Jason Howell[2]
3. 74-Xavier Doney[4]
4. 91-Riley Kreisel[6]
5. 77M-RJ Johnson[7]
6. 9W-Justin Zimmerman[10]
7. 24LCR-Chris Morgan[3]
8. 96-Taylor Peterson[8]
9. 00E-Broc Elliott[5]
10. 52-JD Fry[9]

Schoenfeld Headers Heat Race #5 (8 Laps)
1. 24-Landon Simon[5]
2. 5C-Colten Cottle[9]
3. 73V-Blake Vermillion[1]
4. 118-Scott Evans[7]
5. 11X-Tom Curran[6]
6. 77K-Katlynn Leer[10]
7. 89-Todd McVay[3]
8. 90X-Mitchell Moore[8]
9. 82-Christie Thomason[2]
10. 2C-Zach Clark[4]

AFCO Heat Race #6 (8 Laps)
1. 32-Garrett Aitken[3]
2. 28-Kory Schudy[5]
3. 8D-Terry Babb[6]
4. 16-Anthony Nicholson[8]
5. 2H-Luke Howard[2]
6. 12-Wesley Smith[4]
7. 20G-Noah Gass[7]
8. 6X-Frank Rogers[9]
9. 00-Jaden Brown[1]

Bell Helmets Qualifier 1 (8 Laps)
1. 11W-Wyatt Burks[3]
2. 24X-Casey Shuman[5]
3. 5C-Colten Cottle[6]
4. 77K-Katlynn Leer[7]
5. 5D-Zach Daum[4]
6. 7JR-JD Black[1]
7. 7S-Wade Seiler[10]
8. 11X-Tom Curran[8]
9. 57-Chase Parson[9]
10. 2K-Kyle Lewis[2]

Bell Helmets Qualifier 2 (8 Laps)
1. 91-Riley Kreisel[1]
2. 6-Mario Clouser[4]
3. 24-Landon Simon[6]
4. 20G-Noah Gass[10]
5. 77-Jack Wagner[5]
6. 37-Brian Beebe[8]
7. 44-Jason Howell[2]
8. 42-Warren Johnson[7]
9. 1ST-Lane Stone[3]
10. 2H-Luke Howard[9]

Bell Helmets Qualifier 3 (8 Laps)
1. 16-Anthony Nicholson[3]
2. 33M-Matt Westfall[1]
3. 31-Joe B Miller[2]
4. 28-Kory Schudy[4]
5. 22S-Slater Helt[5]
6. 1-Paul White[8]
7. 311-Quinton Benson[6]
8. 73V-Blake Vermillion[7]
9. 15-Jeremy Jonas[9]
10. 26B-Nick Rasa[10]

Bell Helmets Qualifier 4 (8 Laps)
1. 32-Garrett Aitken[5]
2. 9W-Justin Zimmerman[1]
3. 8D-Terry Babb[4]
4. 77M-RJ Johnson[7]
5. 12-Wesley Smith[9]
6. 27-Steve Thomas[8]
7. 18-Terry Richards[6]
8. 73-Samuel Wagner[10]
9. 74-Xavier Doney[2]
10. 118-Scott Evans[3]

Mesilla Valley Transport B-Main (12 Laps)
1. 37-Brian Beebe[3]
2. 9W-Justin Zimmerman[1]
3. 18-Terry Richards[2]
4. 73-Samuel Wagner[7]
5. 1ST-Lane Stone[5]
6. 11X-Tom Curran[6]
7. 54-Trey Gropp[14]
8. 90-Patrick Budde[9]
9. 2-Jason Billups[15]
10. 66M-Max Grogan[11]
11. 27-Steve Thomas[4]
12. 52-JD Fry[13]
13. 15-Jeremy Jonas[8]
14. 89-Todd McVay[10]
DNS: 90W-Dan Wohnoutka

Mesilla Valley Transport B-Main 2 (12 Laps)
1. 77M-RJ Johnson[1]
2. 74-Xavier Doney[6]
3. 20G-Noah Gass[2]
4. 7JR-JD Black[3]
5. 41-Brad Wyatt[12]
6. 2C-Zach Clark[14]
7. 7S-Wade Seiler[5]
8. 2H-Luke Howard[8]
9. 6X-Frank Rogers[9]
10. 82-Christie Thomason[13]
11. 21C-Chris Desselle[11]
12. 44-Jason Howell[4]
13. 96-Taylor Peterson[10]
DNS: 2K-Kyle Lewis

Mesilla Valley Transport B-Main 3 (12 Laps)
1. 12-Wesley Smith[2]
2. 311-Quinton Benson[1]
3. 24LCR-Chris Morgan[9]
4. 1-Paul White[3]
5. 42-Warren Johnson[4]
6. 90X-Mitchell Moore[10]
7. 57-Chase Parson[7]
8. 97-Kevin Cummings[14]
9. 73V-Blake Vermillion[5]
10. 00-Jaden Brown[13]
11. 00E-Broc Elliott[12]
12. 118-Scott Evans[6]
DNS: 26B-Nick Rasa
DNS: 48-Nathan Moore

Lucas Oil A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 6-Mario Clouser[5]
2. 24X-Casey Shuman[3]
3. 32-Garrett Aitken[1]
4. 5C-Colten Cottle[2]
5. 11W-Wyatt Burks[6]
6. 91-Riley Kreisel[9]
7. 28-Kory Schudy[11]
8. 31-Joe B Miller[16]
9. 16-Anthony Nicholson[7]
10. 8D-Terry Babb[8]
11. 33M-Matt Westfall[15]
12. 311-Quinton Benson[22]
13. 5D-Zach Daum[13]
14. 12-Wesley Smith[19]
15. 37-Brian Beebe[17]
16. 77M-RJ Johnson[18]
17. 77K-Katlynn Leer[14]
18. 74-Xavier Doney[21]
19. 22S-Slater Helt[12]
20. 73-Samuel Wagner[23]
21. 24-Landon Simon[4]
22. 77-Jack Wagner[10]
23. 9W-Justin Zimmerman[20]