L.J. Grimm Wins Feature at Showtime Speedway

L.J. Grimm (inside) battles Sport Allen for the lead Saturday at Showtime Speedway. (David Sink photo)

From David Sink

PINELLAS PARK, FL (February 20, 2021) – L.J. Grimm proved his January 30 non-wing sprint car victory at Showtime Speedway was no fluke after he captured yet another non-wing victory Saturday night at Showtime Speedway.

Grimm, who set fast time in qualifications with a lap of 13.770, drew a 4 for the inversion. Grimm wasted no time at the drop of the green and quickly settled into the second position behind early race leader Sport Allen.

The only serious accident of the evening occurred on lap 8 When Stan Butler flipped on his side exiting turn 2 after contact with another car. Travis Bliemeister was also collected in the melee and flipped upside down as well. Both drivers escaped unharmed.

On the double-file restart, race leader Allen chose the outside lane. Allen and Grimm would run side-by-side for a few laps before Grimm would take the point and build a sizable lead of 3.562 second over eventual runner-up Kyle O’Gara at the checked.

Allen would wind up third followed by Shane Butler and Johnny Gilbertson rounding out the top five.

In victory lane Grimm explained that advice he gave teammate Sport Allen earlier in the night almost cost him a victory. “I wasn’t expecting Sport to take the outside lane on that restart” explained Grimm. “We had a talk before the feature, and I told him the outside was a little better between one and two. I didn’t think he was gonna listen to me. It kinda bit me in the ass on that restart. We had a pretty good race, and I could get by him and it worked out good for us. I don’t know what combination we got with this car and motor, but it’s working pretty good these last two non-wing races. We got some big dogs coming down next week and I’m looking forward to it” concluded Grimm.

Eleven-year-old phenom Colton Bettis started scratch on the field and worked his way up to seventh position in the 35-lap feature and looked impressive in his non-wing debut.
Midwest teams will begin arriving in Florida in only a few days to compete in next weekend’s 2nd annual Dave Steel World Non Wing Sprint Car Championship 125. Showtime Speedway promoter Robert Yoho will award $5,000 to the winner of next Saturday’s 125-lap event. Grimm is one of the early favorites to win next Saturday’s event and keep the trophy in the Sunshine state of Florida.

Showtime Speedway
Pinellas Park, Florida
Saturday February 20, 2021

Non-Wing 360 Sprint Cars

1. 88-L.J. Grimm
2. 67-Kyle O’Gara
3. 88a-Sport Allen (
4. 18-Shane Butler
5. 22-Johnny Gilbertson
6. 68-Mickey Kempgens
7. 61-Colton Bettis
8. 55-Tommy Nichols
9. 22-Branden Blenden
10. 3-Nick Andrade
11. 88s-Jeff Smith
12. 7g-Brian Gingras
13. 7-Duane LeCornu
14. X-Troy DeCaire
15. 1-Stan Butler
16. 4-Travis Bliemeister
DNS 86-J.J. Dutton