Blake Carrick Wins the Toller Memorial at Marysville

Blake Carrick Photo courtesy of Troy Hennig

By Troy Hennig
An all-out war was waged Saturday night during the season opener at Marysville Raceway. The Saturday night show was highlighted by 47 sprint cars in the pit area. Lincoln’s Blake Carrick emerged the winner in the winged 360 sprint car division. Cameron Haney Jr. electrified the pit area only crowd with a last lap win in the Crate Sprints. Boy Moniz dominated the wingless sprint car feature.

Ryan Robinson turned the fastest lap in qualifying at a 12.983. He was the only driver to dip into the 12 second bracket for qualifying. He picked up an extra $100 cash bonus from Paul Olmsted Plastering. Kyle Offill, Brent Bjork, Nick Ringo and Blake Carrick each won their eight-lap heat race. Jodie Robinson passed Stephen Ingraham on the last lap to win the B-main event.

On the original start, Andy Forsberg clipped Shane Golobic. Forsberg came to a stop with a broken front end. Golobic would restart. Blake Carrick led the first lap on the second restart. In fact, Carrick would go on to lead all 25-laps to get the win. Behind him it was Brent Bjork chasing him for most of the race. It was on the final circuit when Tanner Carrick drove by Bjork for the second spot. Bjork was third.

On the eighth lap Golobic and Ryan Robinson each had problems. Golobic would not return. Robinson went to the pits and came back out. Robinson raced his way back to a ninth-place finish. On the next restart, Nick Larson took a wild tumble down the front stretch. The car was junk, but the driver did walk away. Jodie Robinson was the hard charger. She transferred from the B main and started in the 16th spot. Robinson did a fantastic job to race her way up to a sixth-place finish.

Kaimi Moniz-Costa led the first seven laps of the 20-lap wingless sprint main event. Yet, it was evident that Boy Moniz was the fastest car on the track. After starting in the third spot, Boy Moniz passed Moniz-Costa on lap eight. From there on out, Boy was gone and won the race by over seven seconds. It was an impressive run to say the least. Moniz-Costa finished second. Tony Bernard finished third. It was a clean and well ran race by all the competitors. Timmy Sherman Jr. ran fourth and Brent Steck finished fifth. A total of 12 cars entered the nights race.

Crate Sprint cars were out in force tonight. A big turnout of 11 cars made the feature event very entertaining. Chad Thompson led the first 19 laps. However, the most important lap to lead is the last. Cameron Haney Jr. was able to make a spectacular pass around Thompson on the final lap to steal the win. It was a fantastic finish to a great race. Thompson finished second. Kevin Dozier should speed all night and finished third. Brett Youngman and David Simms charged to the front and finished fourth and fifth. Haney Jr. and Mike Ballentine each won their eight-lap heart race.

Toller Memorial
Marysville Raceway
Marysville, California
Saturday February 27, 2021

Winged 360 Sprint Cars

1. 38B-Blake Carrick
2. 83T-Tanner Carrick
3. 7B-Brent Bjork
4. 3T-Nick Ringo
5. 22-Keith Day Jr.
6. 4-Jodie Robinson
7. 3-Kaleb Montgomery
8. 31C-Justyn Cox
9. 14W-Ryan Robinson
10. 88-Kyle Offill
11. 83V-Sean Becker
12. 32-Caden Sarale
13. 6W-Billy Wallace
14. 1M-Jimmy Trulli
15. 93-Stephen Ingraham
16. 12J-John Clark
17. 49-Mike Monahan
18. 1-Nick Larsen
19. 17W-Shane Golobic
20. 92-Andy Forsberg

Create Winged Sprint Cars

1. 32-Cameron Haney Jr.
2. 86-Chad Thompson
3. 97-Kevin Dozier
4. XX-Brett Youngman
5. 101-David Sims
6. 95-Spencer Slocum
7. 17-Jason Ballantine
8. 5V-Wyatt Vanlare
9. 35-Mike Ballantine
10. 10-Doug Froehlich
11. 9-Dusty Barton

Wingless Sprints

1. 22-Boy Moniz
2. 5-Kaimi Moniz-Costa
3. 50-Tony Bernard
4. 1JR-Tim Sherman Jr.
5. 2STX-Brent Steck
6. 60-Scott Clough
7. 71-James East
8. 26R-Ryan Owens
9. 27-Steve Maionchi