Kofoid Wins POWRi Feature at Monarch Motor Speedway

Buddy Kofoid. (Image courtesy of POWRi)

From POWRi

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (March 20, 2021) — During a thrilling 30-lap main event, Michael “Buddy” Kofoid went from the lead, to the work area, and back to the lead to steal the victory and go back-to-back at Monarch Motor Speedway.

Kofoid was hot all night, he drew the pole for his heat race and never looked back. To start the 30-lap main event Jake Neuman, Emerson Axsom and Kofoid battled three wide for the lead, while teammate Purlsey got caught in the mix and found himself running in the top three.

Axsom trying to get his first POWRi National victory took off with the lead and fought tooth and nail with Kofoid while exchanging positions for laps. Kofoid perfected the top side in turn 1& 2 and ran the middle line in 3&4. As the laps wound down, Kofoid caught himself in some heavy lapped traffic which caused the top three to bunch back up again.

After a red flag for Kaylee Bryson who got upside down, Pursley landed himself in the work area with a flat right rear. Purlsey rejoined the field, and they went back green. Second place Axsom dropped out with a flat and a few short laps later, so did the leader, Buddy Kofoid. On lap 24 kofoid rejoined the field, but with six laps to go the race was caught up with cautions for blown right rears.

With only two laps to go, Kofoid and Pursley found themselves running in the top three as Cannon McIntosh took off with the lead. McIntosh led the field until the last corner as Kofoid got around him and took himself back to victory lane for the second night in a row.

“This is pretty cool, and even better to sweep the weekend. I cannot do this without these Keith Kunz Motorsports guys. I’m having fun doing this, that was a little frustrating and long, but it worked out.”

POWRi National Midget League
Monarch Motor Speedway
Wichita Falls, Texas
Saturday March 20, 2021

Advanced Racing Suspensions Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 67-Michael Kofoid[1]
2. 71-Kaylee Bryson[6]
3. 15-Emerson Axsom[9]
4. 91T-Tyler Thomas[7]
5. 85T-Ryan Timms[8]
6. 15X-Karter Sarff[4]
7. 25-Taylor Reimer[5]
8. 70-Cade Cowles[2]
9. 79-Keith Martin[3]

MVT Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 71K-Daison Pursley[1]
2. 97-Brenham Crouch[3]
3. 08-Cannon McIntosh[4]
4. 7U-Kyle Jones[2]
5. 01-Bryant Wiedeman[7]
6. 86-Brent Crews[8]
7. 116-Scott Evans[5]
8. 19U-Pierce Urbanosky[6]

Auto Meter Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 3N-Jake Neuman[6]
2. 21KS-Trey Gropp[2]
3. 67K-Cade Lewis[3]
4. 10-Rees Moran[7]
5. 10P-Dylan Postier[5]
6. 21-Emilio Hoover[1]
7. 84-Jade Avedisian[8]
DNS: 21K-Gavin Stout

Lucas Oil A-Main (30 Laps)
1. 67-Michael Kofoid[4]
2. 08-Cannon McIntosh[10]
3. 71K-Daison Pursley[5]
4. 01-Bryant Wiedeman[13]
5. 86-Brent Crews[15]
6. 85T-Ryan Timms[11]
7. 3N-Jake Neuman[1]
8. 67K-Cade Lewis[12]
9. 15-Emerson Axsom[2]
10. 97-Brenham Crouch[6]
11. 116-Scott Evans[21]
12. 21-Emilio Hoover[19]
13. 84-Jade Avedisian[17]
14. 10-Rees Moran[8]
15. 7U-Kyle Jones[14]
16. 91T-Tyler Thomas[7]
17. 19U-Pierce Urbanosky[22]
18. 21KS-Trey Gropp[9]
19. 70-Cade Cowles[23]
20. 10P-Dylan Postier[16]
21. 71-Kaylee Bryson[3]
22. 25-Taylor Reimer[20]
23. 15X-Karter Sarff[18]
24. 79-Keith Martin[24]