Justin Miller Wins MSA Feature at Plymouth

2018 Plymouth Dirt Track Racing 360 Sprint Car champion Justin Miller of Plymouth earned his fourth career 25-lap PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main victory at The Plymouth Dirt Track at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Wis. on Saturday, May 15. - RC Custom Design photo

From Jeff Pederson

PLYMOUTH, Wisc. (May 15, 2021) — 2018 Plymouth Dirt Track 360 Sprint Car champion Justin Miller of Plymouth outdueled two-time PDTR 360 Sprint champ Brandon McMullen of Oshkosh through heavy lapped traffic to claim the Midwest Sprint Car Association victory in the 25-lap Kristine Hartmann Pleasantview Realty 360 Sprint Car main event, while establishing a new track record pace in the process.

After Justin Miller led the 22-car 360 Sprint Car A-main field to the green flag from the pole position, outside front row starter Brandon McMullen powered around Miller to take the lead in turn two of the opening circuit along the high groove.

McMullen paced the field with Miller second, fourth starter Kevin Karnitz of West Bend in third and two-time PDTR 360 Sprint Car champ Kurt Davis of South Milwaukee, who started third, in fourth in the early stages of the race. The leaders hit lapped traffic on lap 7, which allowed Miller to cut the gap.

On lap 17, Miller ducked low to seize the top spot from McMullen in dense lapped traffic. Three laps later, Miller made slight contact with a lapped car in turn four, which allowed McMullen to regain the lead briefly along the inside groove.

However, Miller battled back to regain the top spot with a low move in turn three on lap 22 and fended off McMullen over the final three laps to secure his fourth career PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main victory and sixth overall Midwest Sprint Car Association A-main triumph in the caution-free race.

Miller completed the non-stop A-main race in five minutes and 31 seconds to set a new 25-lap PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main track record. The previous record was set in 2016 by Kurt Davis.

McMullen finished second, Karnitz placed third, Davis was fourth and Travis Arenz of Sheboygan charged from the 16th starting spot to place fifth.

Midwest Sprint Car Association
Plymouth Dirt Track
Plymouth, Wisconsin
Saturday May 15, 2021

1. 15M-Justin Miller
2. 98-Brandon McMullen
3. 63K-Kevin Karnitz
4. 6K-Kurt Davis
5. 25T-Travis Arenz
6. 22B-Brandon Berth
7. 3E-Justin Erickson
8. 26T-Tyler Tischendorf
9. 7-Lance Fassbender
10. 68T-Tyler Davis
11. 11-Tony Wondra
12. 35-Ben Schmidt
13. 47-Blake Wondra
14. 21H-Tim Haddy
15. 53A-Spyder Akright
16. 21-Will Gerrits
17. 39-Cole Possi
18. 66-Nick Daywalt
19. 69-Bill Taylor
20. 26R-Preston Ruh
21. 87A-Austin Hartmann
22. 24-Scott Conger