Chapple Wins BOSS Feature at Richmond Raceway

Isaac Chapple wins at Richmond Raceway on 6-19-21 BOSS Photo

After competing in the first few events of the USAC Eastern Storm in Pennsylvania earlier in the week, Willow Branch, Indiana’s Isaac Chapple made the long trek to Richmond, Kentucky pay off in a big way. Starting from the 6th position on a narrow Richmond Raceway, Chapple used a combination of patience and calculated risks to work his way to the lead and score the win.

In an area with almost NO sprint cars or sprint car racing, the MPD Racing BOSS series managed to pull in a strong field of 22 cars. The three heat race groups were led in ARP Fasteners qualifying by Saban Bibent with a 16.370, Blake Vermillion with a 16.414, and Lee Underwood with a 16.529. Bibent’s time established the new official track record for traditional wingless sprint cars on the track known as “The Beast of the East”.

Chapple would go on to win TCB Speed heat race #1. heat race #2 was won by Ricky Lewis and Ryan Barr scored the win in Hoosier Tire Midwest heat #3. The MSD Ignitions redraw found Saban Bibent with the number one draw and Lee Underwood alongside on the front row. Blake Vermillion and Ricky Lewis would roll off from row 2 with Ryan Barr in the fifth starting spot. For Chapple, if the long drive from Pennsylvania, coupled with an engine change, wasn’t enough, he drew the worst pill in the bucket, the dreaded 6.

Lee Underwood would grab the early lead of the 25 lap MPD Racing BOSS main event, but two early cautions would slow the action eliminating Barr and Blake Vermillion. Back under green, Underwood continued to show the way with Isaac Chapple and Ricky Lewis battling behind him. Working lap 7, rookie sprint car racer Tony Helton, hit the wall in turn 1, rode up the wall, and flipped out of the track. Helton walked away unscathed, but his 33B machine required an extensive effort to be retrieved.

Once back under green, the final 19 laps would run caution free. Chapple, Lewis and point leader Cody White waged all-out war for the remainder of the race, but Chapple emerged the best and wrestled the lead from Underwood and drove on to win. The Bluegrass racing fans were treated to some memorable slide jobs in the race for the rest of the podium spots as Undrwood would hang on for second over Lewis, White and a fine run by Collin Ambrose to round out the top 5. The rest of the top 10 included “hard charger” Dallas Hewitt who went from 16th to 6th, Kyle Simon, Mike Miller, Saban Bibent and Dustin Ingle.

The next BOSS adventure weekend will be Friday July 2nd in their first ever appearance at Ohio Valley Speedway in Lubeck, West Virginia followed by the next night’s “Jack Hewitt Classic” at Waynesfield Raceway Park on Saturday, July 3rd. Also, watch for the Moler Raceway Park make-up date to be announced in the next few days.

Box Score

MPD Racing / BOSS
Richmond (KY) Raceway
Saturday, June 19, 2021

ARP Fasteners Qualifying
Group 1: 1. 10-Saban Bibent 16.370, 2. 82-Mike Miller 16.413, 3. 52-Isaac Chapple 16.480, 4. 36-Collin Ambrose 16.500, 5. 18-Dallas Hewitt 16.562, 6. 1H-Korbyn Hayslett 16.737, 7. 5V-Jesse Vermillion 16.854, 8. 92-Jacob Beck 17.524

Group 2: 1. 73-Blake Vermillion 16.414, 2. 26w-Cody White 16.417, 3. 2DI-Dustin Ingle 16.581, 4. 11-Ricky Lewis 16.646, 5. 23s-Kyle Simon 16.688, 6. 78-Rob Caho 16.714, 7. 34-Parker Frederickson 17.133

Group 3: 1. 24L-LeeUnderwood 16.529, 2. 9G-Cody Gardner 16.708, 3. 16-Jackson Slone 16.723, 4. 21B-Ryan Barr16.727, 5. 33-Jake Scott 17.077, 6. 53-Steve Little 17.552, 7. 33B-Tony Helton 17.784

TCB Speed – Heat 1: 1. 52-Chapple[2] ; 2. 36-Ambrose[1] ; 3. 10-Bibent[4] ; 4. 82-Miller[3] ; 5. 1H-Hayslett[6] ; 6. 18-Hewitt[5] ; 7. 5V-J.Vermillion[7] ; 8. 92-Beck[8] – Heat 2: 1. 11-Lewis[1] ; 2. 26w-White[3] ; 3. 2DI-Ingle[2] ; 4. 23s-Simon[5] ; 5. 73-B.Vermillion[4] ; 6. 78-Caho[6] ; 7. 34-Frederickson[7]

Hoosier Tire Midwest – Heat 3: 1. 21B-Barr[1] ; 2. 9G-Gardner[3] ; 3. 16-Slone[2] ; 4. 53-Little[6] ; 5. 24L-Underwood[4] ; 6. 33-Scott[5] ; 7. 33B-Helton[7]

MPD Racing – BOSS A-Main: 1. 52-Chapple[6] ; 2. 24L-Underwood[2] ; 3. 11-Lewis[4] ; 4. 26w-White[8] ; 5. 36-Ambrose[7] ; 6. 18-Hewitt[16] ; 7. 23s-Simon[13] ; 8. 82-Miller[12] ; 9. 10-Bibent[1] ; 10. 2DI-Imgle[10] ; 11. 53-Little[14] ; 12. 9G-Gardner[9] ; 13. 78-Caho[17] ; 14. 5V-J.Vermillion[19] ; 15. 34-Frederickson[20] ; 16. 92-Beck[22] ; 17. 33-Scott[18] ; 18. 16-Slone[11] ; 19. 1H-Hayslett[15] ; 20. 33B-Helton[21] ; 21. 73-B.Vermillion[3] ; 22. 21B-Barr[5]

Apple Metal Polishing – Lucky Pill Draw: 82-Mike Miller

The Bridge Restaurant – Hard Charger: 18-Dallas Hewitt

All Pro Cylinder Heads – Perseverance: 34-Parker Frederickson

Accu-Force Dyno & Testers – Hard Luck: 26w-Cody White

All Star Performance – Sweet Move: 10-Saban Bibent

Hoosier Tire Midwest – Tire Bonus: 52-Isaac Chapple