From Mike Swanger
Trey Jacobs would beat Nick Patterson into turn one for the lead of the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery feature but a spin involving Danny Mumaw, Bradley Howard and Jason Dolick would negate that start.
The next attempt would see the same results as Jacobs would set the pace with Patterson in tow for the 1st three circuits. Andrew Palker edged past Patterson on lap four when the yellow waved for Broc Martin who had slowed and pulled off as Tyler Street went to the infield before the race resumed with mechanical issues.
On the restart, the first red flag appeared for Chris Myers, who tumbled at the end of the back stretch. The green flag would be out for one more lap when 5th running Ricky Peterson would do a 360 bring out the caution again. With some green flag action following, Trey Jacobs would pull away from the field with Palker and Fairland’s Cale Thomas slide jobbing each other for second with Dean Jacobs behind them.
The race would come to a stop on lap 16 as R J Jacobs hit the turn two berm and flipped over the back stretch tires. Back to green and Trey kept the lead as Palker and Thomas continued their duel as Dean Jacobs and now Henry Malcuit pulled into fifth in front of Patterson. The third red flag waved when Peterson belted the turn two guardrail and barrel rolled on lap 19. All drivers were ok that flipped in the race.
This would bring out an open red as crews could work on the cars. This restart would see Palker over powering Trey Jacobs going into turn one for the lead as Jacobs began to falter and would come to a stop in turn 4 with three laps to go with a bad right rear tire.
The final restart with three to go would see Thomas doing a big slide job on Palker to take the lead for good as Dean Jacobs grabbed second away from Palker on the next circuit and at the same time Jamie Myers, the last chance winner, edged past Patterson for fifth behind Malcuit.
Putting the Ohio Heating, Engler Machine and Southport Chick-fil-a #91 into the Summit Racing victory circle for the 1st time, Thomas, who was also the quick timer, had recorded a fifth place finish during the All Star Speedweek show at Wayne County Speedway. Heat winners were Patterson, Peterson and Palker.


​Sunday, July 4, 2021


Fast Qualifier Cale Thomas 15.014 seconds

Heat 1 Nick Patterson, Henry Malcuit, Cale Thomas, Dean Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, Dylan Kingan, Jamie Myers, Brad Reber

Heat 2 Ricky Peterson, Broc Martin, Zach Ames, Bradley Howard, Jason Dolick, Shawn Hubler, Andy Fike, Travis Danford

Heat 3 Andrew Palker, Chris Myers, Trey Jacobs, Tyler Street, Danial Burkhart, Chris Garnes, R J Jacobs, Joe Adorjan

‘B’ Main Jamie Myers, Shawn Hubler, R J Jacobs, Chris Garnes, Andy Fike, Brad Reber, Dylan Kingan, Travis Danford, Joe Adorjan

Feature Cale Thomas, Dean Jacobs, Andrew Palker, Henry Malcuit, Jamie Myers, Nick Patterson, Jason Dolick, Shawn Hubler, Danial Burkhart, Zach Ames, Chris Garnes, Trey Jacobs, Bradley Howard, R J Jacobs, Ricky Peterson, Chris Myers, Tyler Street, Broc Martin, Andy Fike, Danny Mumaw