Who Will Our 2021 Champions Be?

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From Knoxville Raceway
Three champions will be named following Saturday’s Iowa Corn Growers Association Districts 5 & 9 Season Championship Night!

The 410 championship could go to one of three drivers: Davey Heskin, Justin Henderson and Brian Brown. Heskin has a 78-point lead over Justin Henderson. Henderson has just an eight-point lead over third-place Brian Brown.

Both Heskin and Henderson would be first-time Knoxville Raceway champions. If Brown steals the championship, it would be his fifth 410 championship.

The 360 class also has three contenders: Ryan Giles, Clint Garner and Jamie Ball. Giles currently leads Garner by 80 points and third-place Ball by 104 points.

Like the 410 class, Giles and Ball would both be first-time track champions. Garner would earn his ninth track championship if he can make up 81 points on Giles.

The Pace Performance Pro Sprint Class all comes down to simply signing-in for Tyler Groenendyk. Groenendyk will earn his first career Knoxville Raceway championship on Saturday night.