Wilson Sweeps FAST Weekend; Meseraull Wins BOSS Feature at Fremont

Greg Wilson. (Mike Campbell photo)

FREMONT, Ohio (September 18, 2021) — Greg Wilson completed a sweep of the FAST 410 Sprint Car Series weekend by winning the feature event Saturday night at Fremont Speedway. Backing up his victory Friday at Moler Raceway Park, Wilson charged from 12th starting spot to take the lead from Nate Dussel on lap 29 for the victory. Dussel, D.J. Foos, Cale Conley, and Cole Macedo rounded out the top five.

Thomas Meseraull. (Mike Campbell photo)
Thomas Meseraull led every lap in route to the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series victory over Luke Hall and Matt Westfall. Jamie Miller won the 305 sprint car main event.

Fremont Speedway
Fremont, Ohio
Saturday, September 18, 2021

FAST 410 Sprint Car Series

1. 97-Greg Wilson
2. 1-Nate Dussel
3. 16-DJ Foos
4. 3C-Cale Conley
5. 18-Cole Macedo
6. 5R-Byron Reed
7. 35-Stuart Brubaker
8. 81-Lee Jacobs
9. 7z-Zane Devault
10. 7C-Phil Gressman
11. 12G-Corbin Gurley
12. 16C-Max Stambaugh
13. 19-Paige Polyak
14. 2+ Brian Smith
15. 83-Wesley McIntyre
16. 3J-Trey Jacobs
17. 15-Mitch Harble
18. 2L-Landon Lalonde
19. 12C-Kyle Capodice
20. 11G-Luke Griffith

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series

1. 23S-Thomas Meseraull
2. 9N-Luke Hall
3. 33M-Matt Westfall
4. 0-Steve Irwin
5. 68G-Tyler Gunn
6. 52-Isaac Chapple
7. 3J-Trey Jacobs
8. 24L-Lee Underwood
9. 21P-Carmen Perigo
10. 27s-John Ivy
11. 26W-Cody White
12. 53-Steve Little
13. 18X-Bobby Distel
14. 97X-Rodney Hurst
15. 37-Dave Gross
16. 26-Jamie Miller
17. 2DI-Dustin Ingle
18. 9G-Cody Gardner
19. 21-Larry Kingseed Jr.
20. 82-Mike Miller
21. 5M-Mike Moore