Marcus Dumesny Wins at Lismore Speedway

Marcus Dumesny. (T.J. Buffenbarger photo)

ALEXANDRA PARADE, NSW (January 12, 2022) — Marcus Dumesny won the World Series Sprintcars feature Wednesday night at Lismore Speedway. Dumesny traded the lead back and forth with Lachlan McHugh during the closing stages of the 30-lap main event with Dumesny coming out victorious. McHugh, Luke Oldfield, Carson Macedo, and Jock Goodyer rounded out the top five.

Jacob Jolley led wire to wire to win the 15-lap wingless v6 sprint car feature.

Lismore Speedway
Alexandra Parade, New South Wales
Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. N47-Marcus Dumesny
2. NQ7-Lachlan McHugh
3. Q17-Luke Oldfield
4. N99-Carson Macedo
5. T22-Jock Goodyer
6. Q66-Ryan Newton
7. S13-Brock Hallet
8. Q7-Aaron Kelly
9. N57-Matt Dumesny
10. Q69-Mick Sauer
11. NS4-Ian Madsen
12. Q91-Taylor Prosser
13. Q4-Brad Ayres
14. Q3-Karl Hoffmans
15. NQ73-Libby Ellis
16. NQ51-Leigh Holman

Wingless V6 Sprint Cars

1. 82-Jacob Jolley
2. 42-Seiton Young
3. 80-Trent Martin
4. 9-Warren King
5. 34-Mason Cattell
6. 19-Shane Costello
7. 23-Ray Eggins
8. 33-Errol Campbell
9. 6-Brett Russo
10. 20-Ian Otoole
11. 17-Ben Hull.