Deal Wins POWRi West Feature at Riverside I-44 Speedway

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (April 9, 2022) — Andrew Deal won the POWRi West Midget Car Series feature Saturday at Riverside I-44 Speedway. Taylor Reimer, Shannon McQueen, Emilio Hoover, and Michelle Decker rounded out the top five.

POWRi West Midget Car Series
Riverside I-44 Speedway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Saturday, April 9, 2022

Advanced Racing Suspension Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 85-Andrew Deal[1]
2. 00-Taylor Reimer[5]
3. 7-Shannon McQueen[4]
4. 21-Emilio Hoover[2]
5. 7D-Michelle Decker[7]
6. 32-Trey Marcham[9]
7. 31K-Travis Buckley[8]
8. 29K-Brian Harvey[3]

Lucas Oil and Realty Connect A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 32-Trey Marcham[5]
2. 7D-Michelle Decker[4]
3. 85-Andrew Deal[2]
4. 00-Taylor Reimer[1]
5. 7-Shannon McQueen[3]
6. 21-Emilio Hoover[6]
7. 31B-Kyle Beilman[9]
8. 31K-Travis Buckley[7]
9. 29K-Brian Harvey[8]