Ferriera Flies to 305 Nationals Prelim Win at I-70 Motorsports Park!

Monty Ferriera wins at I-70 Lonnie Wheatley Photo

Lonnie Wheatley
ODESSA, Mo. (May 27, 2022) – Monty Ferriera broke into United Rebel Sprint Series victory lane for the first time by wiring the field in Friday night’s 20-lap I-70 Motorsports Park 305 Sprint Car Nationals preliminary feature event.

Ferriera gunned into the lead from the pole position ahead of third-starter Jeremy Huish on the opening round and then fought off a serious challenge from Huish on a lap 14 restart to take the $1,000 victory aboard the Precision Brands Investments/Wrenched No. 45 Sprint Car.

“He (Huish) tried the same thing on both the initial start and then that late restart,” Ferriera explained. “I just knew I had to hold him off.”

It was also the first win of the year for the California native turned Nebraska resident.

“I think we’ve been top five out every race this year, tonight things finally fell in place,” Ferriera commented. “And I’ve been trying to win a United Rebel Sprint Series race for about five years, so it feels good to finally get that.”

While Ferriera gunned into the early lead, Huish gave chase all the way. Even when lapped traffic came into play after eight laps, Ferriera kept Huish and Jacob Dye at bye until the race’s only caution flew after 14 laps when Jay Russell lost power on the frontstretch.

Huish made a bid for the point on the restart in turns one and two, but Ferriera was up to the task and pulled back ahead to lead the rest of the way.

Huish settled for runner-up honors, while a late move past Stu Snyder netted Luke Cranston the show position after apparent third-place finisher Dye fell light at the scales.

Snyder was fourth with Jon Freeman rounding out the top five as Ty Williams, Trevor Grossenbacher, Kenny Potter, Curtis Evans and Jack Potter completed the top ten.

After Dye established the fastest overall lap of 15.559 seconds in qualifying, Cranston, Cash Beeson and Ferriera each scored 8-lap heat race wins.

Chad Frewaldt’s night came to an early end after a wild ride near the end of the frontstetch in hot laps. Frewaldt appeared healthy as he shared words with John Webster in the aftermath.

I-70 Motorsports Park’s 305 Sprint Car Nationals wraps up with Saturday night’s $3,000-to-win finale with the USRA B-Modifieds and USRA Stock Cars both battling it out in $1,000-to-win tilts. Saturday’s racing action gets under way at 7:30.

I-70 Motorsports Park 305 Sprint Car Nationals

May 27, 2022 Results:

United Rebel Sprint Series (URSS):

Qualifying Group One: 1. 20-Luke Cranston 15.846, 2. 911-Ty Williams 15.890, 3. 5-Stu Snyder 19.967, 4. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher 16.284, 5. 17-Connor Atkinson 16.365, 6. 74-Xavier Doney 16.434, 7. 15-Jack Potter NT.

Qualifying Group Two: 1. 20d-Jacob Dye 15.559, 2. 76-Jay Rusell 15.788, 3. 55-Kenny Potter 15.988, 4. 75-Cash Beeson 16.217, 5. 9-John Webster 16.330, 6. 74v-Howard Van Dyke 16.704, 7. 01-Chad Frewaldt NT.

Qualifying Group Three: 1. 88J-Jeremy Huish 15.596, 2. 81-Jon Freeman 15.865, 3. 45-Monty Ferriera 15.948, 4. 1p-Curtis Evans 16.079, 5. 17s-Chad Salem 16.332, 6. 1-Greg Murry 16.393, 7. 38-Kevin Frisbie 16.407.

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 20-Luke Cranston, 2. 5-Stu Snyder, 3. 911-Ty Willliams, 4. 35-Trevor Grossenbach, 5. 17-Connor Atkinson, 6. 15-Jack Potter, 7. 74-Xavier Doney.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 75-Cash Beeson, 2. 55-Kenny Potter, 3. 76-Jay Russell, 4. 20d-Jacob Dye, 5. 9-John Webster, 6. 74v-Henry Van Dyke, 7. 01-Chad Frewaldt (DNS).

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 45-Monty Ferriera, 2. 1p-Curtis Evans, 3. 88J-Jerermy Huish, 4. 81-Jon Freeman, 5. 17s-Chad Salem, 6. 1-Greg Murry, 7. 38-Kevin Frisbie (DNS).

“A” Main (20 Laps): 1. 45-Monty Ferriera (1), 2. 88J-Jeremy Huish (3), 3. 20-Luke Cranston (5), 4. 5-Stu Snyder (8), 5. 81-Jon Freeman (7), 6. 911-Ty Williams (11), 7. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher (12), 8. 55-Kenny Potter (9), 9. 1p-Curtis Evans (10), 10. 15-Jack Potter (16), 11. 9-John Webster (13), 12. 17-Connor Atkinson (15), 13. 75-Cash Beeson (2), 14. 17s-Chad Salem (14), 15. 76-Jay Russell (6), 16. 74-Xavier Doney (19), 17. 74v-Howard Van Dyke (17), 18. 38-Kevin Frisbie (18), 19. 20d-Jacob Dye (DQ – Light at Scales), 20. 1-Greg Murry (DNS), 21. 01-Chad Frewaldt (DNS).

Lap Leaders: Monty Ferriera 1-20.