Sunshine Wins Dirt Cup Tune Up

Tyler Courtney. (Jim Fisher photo)

From Kaleb Hart

ALGER, Wash. (June 20, 2022) — The first stage of the Road to Dirt Cup is complete and Indianapolis, IN driver Tyler Courtney took home the victory in the Works Limited sprint car at the Dirt Cup Tune Up at Skagit Speedway. Courtney led all thirty laps of the main event for the win in his first Skagit Speedway appearance.

Courtney started on the pole of the 30 lap A Main with Corey Day to his outside. Tyler got the drop on the start and would pace the field, although a group of early cautions kept the race and the field from getting too spread out early. On the first extended green flag run that came after a lap five restart, Courtney finally dove into slower traffic, and that’s where Day applied his heaviest pressure. For 20+ laps, Courtney would zig and Day would Zag, and while Courtney officially led every lap, Day was ahead on the track numerous times thanks to a handful of slidejobs. Courtney had a beautiful counter move lined up each time and would hold the highly contested lead all the way through the end, finally escaping from Day with about three laps left to take the $4,000 top prize. Day took second in his first Skagit Speedway appearance, with Justin Sanders battling his way to a hard fought third. Sanders, Tanner Holmes, Day and Willie Croft won the heat races. Courtney won the dash and set quick time, with Bud Kaeding winning the B Main. 37 410 Sprint Cars signed in for competition.

In the Skagit Aggregates Modifieds, Rick Smith and Tyson Blood resumed their year long battle for division supremacy. Smith led a good chunk of the race before a lap 16 restart saw Blood drive around the outside of Smith for the lead. With Blood committed to the mid-upper groove, Smith found his rhythm on the low side of the speedway and retook the lead from Blood with three laps remaining to pick up his third win of the year, with Blood taking second and Craig Moore taking third. Blood and Zane Miner won heat races.

The 20 lap A Main saw Matt “Pacman” Somerville and Adam Holtrop battle it out big time at the end for the top prize. Holtrop, who led from lap three on, barely managed to hold off the hard charging Sommerville, who got door panel to door panel with him on the final lap but couldn’t make the pass stick, giving the win to Adam. Colin Sims rounded out the podium. Heat winners were Zach Dalrymple and Howard Vos.

410 Sprint Cars

Fast Time – Tyler Courtney 11.206

Heat 1 – Justin Sanders

Heat 2 – Tanner Holmes

Heat 3 – Corey Day

Heat 4 – Willie Croft

Dash – Tyler Courtney

B Main – Bud Kaeding, Jonathan Allard, Seth Bergman, Jason Solwold, Tyler Thompson, JJ Ringo, Logan Forler, Bailey Sucich, Ashleigh Johnson, Luke Didiuk, Andy Caruana, Dana Glenn, Brock Lemley

A Main – Tyler Courtney, Corey Day, Justin Sanders, Joel Myers Jr, Shane Golobic, Trey Starks, Dominic Scelzi, Austen Wheatley, Tanner Carrick, DJ Netto, Kerry Madsen, Max Mitry, Bud Kaeding, Nick Parker, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Jason Solwold, Jonathan Allard, Mitchell Faccinto, Blake Carrick, Greg Hamilton, Seth Bergman, Tanner Holmes, Tim Kaeding, Willie Croft

Lsp Leaders – Courtney 1-30

Skagit Aggregates Modifieds

Heat 1 – Zane Miner

Heat 2 – Tyson Blood

Main – Rick Smith, Tyson Blood, Craig Moore, Mel Decker, Jason Pestka, Alan Grimbly, Adam Holtrop, Zane Miner, Ben Gunderson, Brandon Nutter, Dan Butenschoen, Jon Gunderson, Brent Morris, Tiernan Dietz, John Anderson, Austin Lovik, Travis Ross

Lap Leaders – Smith 1-15 Blood 16-21 Smith 22-25


Heat 1 – Zach Dalrymple

Heat 2 – Howard Vos

Main – Adam Holtrop, Matt Sommerville, Colin Sims, Brian Michelson, Zach Dalrymple, Howard Vos, David Dykstra, Matthew Bonafede, Rn Malcolm, Mike Guffey, Mike Burt, Jon Edwards, Dave Hill, Ayuka Carlson, Tammy Guffey

Lap Leaders – Dalrymple 1-2 Holtrop 3-20