Marks Charges from 13th; Passing Larson to Win PA Speedweek Feature at Lincoln

Brent Marks. (Dan McFarland photo)

ABBOTTSTOWN, Penn. (June 27, 2022) — Brent Marks won the Pennsylvania Speedweek feature event Monday night at Lincoln Speedway. Marks charged from 13th starting position to pass Kyle Larson for the lead and drove away for his sixth victory of the 2022 season. Larson held the second spot while Anthony Macri, Troy Wagaman, and Justin Peck rounded out the top five.

PA Speedweek
Lincoln Speedway
Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
Monday, June 27, 2022

1. 19m-Brent Marks
2. 57-Kyle Larson
3. 39m-Anthony Macri
4. 19-Troy Wagaman
5. 13-Justin Peck
6. 45-Jeff Halligan
7. 19t-Tanner Thorson
8. 39b-Christopher Bell
9. 69-Tim Glatfelter
10. 48-Danny Dietrich
11. 11a-Austin Bishop
12. 87-Alan Krimes
13. 5w-Lucas Wolfe
14. 16-Gerald Mcintyre
15. 11t-T.J. Stutts
16. 6-Ryan Smith
17. 5e-Brandon Rahmer
18. 35h-Zach Hampton
19. 44-Dylan Norris
20. 39-Chase Dietz
21. 19r-Matt Campbell
22. 99-Skylar Gee
23. 1x-Chad Trout
24. 8-Billy Dietrich