Jonathan Preston Gets by Steve Glover Late to Win His First PST A-Main of the Season

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From Paul Harkenrider

DUNDEE, N.Y. (July 30, 2022) — Despite a newly configured race track from the last time the Patriot Sprint Tour visited Outlaw Speedway in Mid-May, the 2022 edition of the Outlaw Summer Nationals did not disappoint as Jonathan Preston got by Steve Glover on turn four coming to the white flag.

Denny Peebles and Jared Zimbardi would bring the 16-car field to the green flag, with Peebles taking the lead on the first lap. However, Steve Glover, who started third, rode the bottom lane of the race track and took the lead from Peebles on lap three.

Fourth Starter Jonathan Preston would find a lot of speed on top of turn two flying down the back stretch to get by Peebles and Zimbardi for the runner-up position.

Glover and Preston would begin exchanging battles for the lead in the first half of the race, but it was Glover hanging on and blocking whichever way Preston was trying to go. It allowed Paulie Colagiovanni and Scott Kreutter to throw their hands into the mix, where it quickly became a four-car battle for the lead.

On lap ten, Preston would attempt to roll the top side but overcooked the corner, allowing Glover to build an advantage again over the rest of the field. Preston was able to maintain his runner-up position, but Colagiovanni and Kreutter were also right there looking to advance.

As laps continued to click by, Glover would maintain his lead, but Preston was able to gain back some ground lap by lap.

Then on lap 23, as Glover and Preston were coming to the white flag, Preston slipped by Glover for the lead and took home his first win of 2022 and second career win with the tour. Glover would finish second while Kreutter held for third over Paulie Colagiovanni and Jared Zimbardi, who completed the top five.

Heat race winners were Denny Peebles and Steve Glover, while the Bonnell’s Rod Shop Dash for Cash went to Dave Axton.

Current Point leader Davie Franek started eighth and finished seventh, while rookie driver Dalton Rombough who started seventh, finished tenth.

The next race will be back at Woodhull Raceway on Saturday, August 13, for the second time this season. For more information, please visit and connect with our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results

Outlaw Summer Nationals

A Main: 1) 22- Jonathan Preston 2) 21- Steve Glover 3) 52- Scott Kreutter 4) 10c- Paulie Colagiovanni 5) 35- Jared Zimbardi 6) 3- Denny Peebles 7) 2- Dave Axton 8) 28f- Davie Franek 9) 79- Jordan Thomas 10) 41- Dalton Rombough 11) 47- Kyle Drum 12) 18c- Dan Craun 13) 66- Jordan Hutton 14) 21B- Blake Warner 15) 4s- Johnny Smith 16) 25h- Tyler Emmons

Heat 1: 1) 3- Denny Peebles 2) 10c- Paulie Colagiovanni 3) 22- Jonathan Preston 4) 41- Dalton Rombough 5) 28f- Davie Franek 6) 4s- Johnny Smith 7) 47- Kyle Drum 8) 25h- Tyler Emmons

Heat 2: 1) 21- Steve Glover 2) 52- Scott Kreutter 3) 35- Jared Zimbardi 4) 79- Jordan Thomas 5) 2- Dave Axton 6) 18c- Dan Craun 7) 66- Jordan Hutton 8) 21B- Blake Warner

Bonnell’s Rod Shop Dash For Cash: 1) 2- Dave Axton 2) 79- Jordan Thomas 3) 18c- Dan Craun 4) 4s- Johnny Smith 5) 66- Jordan Hutton 6) 25H- Tyler Emmons