JJ Henes Gets 1st Supermodified Feature Win in honor of Nancy Henes Memorial, Kyle Edwards claims MSS Season Championship for 2nd year in row

JJ Henes Jim Davidson Photo

It was a rainy night for the Midwest Supermodified Series and after 2 rain delays Lorain Raceway Park, track owner Randy Maggio was determined to ensure his fans, racers and family would get their race & honor The Nancy Henes 36 lap memorial. Fans and racing family’s throughout, come faithfully to pay tribute and also witness JJ Henes, the young hot shoe and 3rd generation driver get his first Supermodified feature win in honor of his grandmother Nancy Henes.
For the MSS Season championship, Kyle Edwards finishing 3rd in the feature was points leader going into the event and was well within grasp since 2nd points #7 Otto Sitterly was unable to make the trip and #19 Trent Stephens suffering a major incident one week prior at the Oswego Wing challenge in Oswego, NY.
This will mark Kyle’s 2nd championship in a row which is the first team and driver to accomplish such since the organization’s inception 5yrs ago. Kyle being consistent and solid throughout the year paid off for the Bartlet, TN driver.
MSS would like to thank Maggio family our series sponsors Perfection Fabricators & ECO Mechanical Inc.
We would also like to thank Adkins Glass for the bike giveaways at each race this year. Jim Valentine for the fast qualifier sponsorship, Quest Restoration’s “Last Car Running” sponsorship this year as well.
Special Mention and Thank you to ISMA’s Danny Soule sponsoring $232 for the 1st lap leader and Lap 32 in Nancy Henes Memorial.
$200 James Valentine Fast Qualifier: #11E Kyle Edwards (12.055)
Hard Charger – #11E Kyle Edwards
Quest Restoration’s – Last Car Running: Bingo 5 – Kevin Feeney
Heat #1: 1st- #11E Kyle Edwards / #88 A.J. Lesiecki / #55 Rich Reid / Bingo 5 Kevin Feeney / #38 JD Evans
Heat #2: 1st- #36 JJ Henes / #22 Mike McVetta / #27 Aric Iosue / #92 Larry Lehnert / #52 Jason Rader
Feature Finish – 36 Laps:
1st #36 JJ Henes
2nd #88 A.J. Lesiecki
3rd #11E Kyle Edwards
4th #55 Rich Reid
5th #Bingo 5 Kevin Feeney
6th #22 Mike McVetta
7th #38 JD Evans
8th #8 Jonathon Lesiecki
9th #52 Jason Rader
10th #27 Aric Iosue
11th #92 Larry Lehnert
DNS #505 Alan Ferrell