Flick Passes Rayhall to Win FAST Feature at Tri-City

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FRANKLIN, Penn. (August 28, 2022) — A.J. Flick used a final lap pass to win the FAST 410 Sprint Car Series feature Sunday night at Tri-City Raceway Park. Flick was in position to slip by Sean Rayhall, who had led the entire distance up until the final corner, for his 12th victory of the 2022 season. Rayhall held on for second while Brandon Spithaler, Jeremy Weaver, and Brandon Matus rounded out the top five.

Gregg Dobrowski won the Allegheny Sprint Tour main event.

Tri-City Raceway Park
Franklin, Pennsylvania
Sunday, August 28, 2022

FAST 410 Sprint Car Series

1. 2-A.J. Flick
2. 14-Sean Rayhall
3. 19-Brandon Spithaler
4. 35W-Jeremy Weaver
5. 13-Brandon Matus
6. 9-Ricky Peterson
7. 29M-Logan McCandless
8. 11-Carl Bowser
9. 81-Lee Jacobs
10. 6-Bob Felmlee
11. 23JR-Jack Sodeman
12. 1R-Gale Ruth Jr
13. 33-Brent Matus
14. 38-Leyton Wagner
15. 11J-David Kalb
16. 901-Bob Lime
17. 1-Nate Dussel
18. 7T-Andy Mckisson

Allegheny Sprint Tour

1. 88-Gregg Dobrowski
2. 25g-Nolan Groves
3. 21N-Andy Priest
4. 16-Jim Morris
5. 82M-Roman Jones
6. 4J-Jacob Gamola
7. 25-Jarrett Rosencrance
8. 17S-Shane Shook
9. 20M-Vivian Jones
10. X7-Andy Cavanaugh
11. 72-Mike Mathieson
12. 3-John Jerich