List of drivers qualified for OCRS Challenge VIII released

Oil Capital Racing Series OCRS Photo

By John Rittenoure
Tulsa, Okla. (September 12, 2023) – The list of drivers qualified to run the Oil Capital Racing Series AmeriFlex Challenge VIII at Salina Highbanks Speedway on Saturday, September 30, has been released by OCRS officials.

A total of 23 drivers are eligible to start the $3,000-to-win, $1,000-to-start the main event. No other drivers are eligible to run this event. All 23 will start the main. No B-main will be run.

Heat races will be run using passing points to determine starting positions for the main event. A redraw will be held for the A-main. Details to be announced in the drivers meeting.

Drivers eligible for the AmeriFlex Challenge (Order by number of events run):

Sheldon Barksdale

Mitchell Barros

Zach Chappell

Johnny Kent

Joe Bob Lee

Joshua Tyre

Danny Wood

Emilio Hoover

Brandon Leland

Alex DeCamp

Fred Mattox

Rees Moran

Gage Laney

Terry Easum

Ryker Pace

Blake Edwards

Alex Sewell

Danny Smith

Bradley Fezard

Jimmy Forrester

Frank Taft

Casey Wills

Greg York

2023 Winners

03/11 – Red Dirt Raceway, Tanner Conn

03/18 – Tulsa Speedway, Fred Mattox

04/01 – Enid Speedway, Zach Blurton

04/15 – Longdale Speedway, Zach Blurton

05/26 – Arrowhead Speedway, Sean McClelland

05/27 – Salina Highbanks Speedway, Alex Sewell

06/10 – Lawton Speedway, Alex Sewell

06/15 – Lucas Oil Speedway, Rees Moran

06/16 – I-70 Motorsports Park, Whit Gastineau

06/17 – Lake Ozark Speedway, Rees Moran

06/23 – Red Dirt Raceway, Rees Moran

07/15 – Creek County Speedway, Kyle Clark

07/29 – Caney Valley Speedway, Zach Chappell

08/19 – Elk City Motorsports Park, Johnny Kent

08/20 – Lawton Speedway, Danny Smith

09/09 – Caney Valley Speedway, Alex Sewell

Top 10 Standings: 1. Johnny Kent, 1614; 2. Danny Wood, 1585; 3. Joe Bob Lee, 1558; 4. Sheldon Barksdale, 1485; 5. Zach Chappell, 1377; 6. Joshua Tyre, 1215; 7. Rees Moran 1150; 8. Fred Mattox, 1086; 9. Alex DeCamp, 967; 10. Terry Easum, 917.